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Acts 1:1-5 Luke’s Second Letter

His footprints continued on past it too

We’ve made it to Acts! It has taken us awhile to get here but the journey was WELL worth it. I pray that our walking with Jesus day by day brought you new insight and a special closeness to Him. I’m sorry I made the journey longer by missing days; lately more than usual. I want to get back on track as we enter the birthplace of the church.

I was asked if I was going to change the name/title of my blog now that we are moving past Jesus’ physical walks down the dusty roads. Because it would mean losing a lot of people in the transition, I’m keeping it the same but we could call our next step “Walking in Jesus Footprints.” He marked the path for His disciples and ultimately for us. He knew we would need His footprints to keep us going on the right path. I’m SO grateful for them today. Read more »