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Acts 15:36-41 Separate Ways

God knows when to separate for new life

We see Paul and Barnabas go their separate ways today. But even with this division God still uses them both.

When I first read today’s passage I thought, “another one of those they went here and there and… passages.” I already confessed how much I don’t enjoy those kind of stories but then I started thinking about our main characters; Paul and Barnabas. I started thinking about their personalities and how those personalities played into this separation.

In our first verse we see that Paul is the one who brings up the idea of going back to visit the churches they planted. Paul is a doer. He enjoys teaching the people in Antioch but he love being on the front lines making new believers. Antioch now has MANY people that can help shepherd the church there. They are replete with wise leaders. Also the big controversy over faith v works is over. Paul needs a new challenge. Read more »