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Acts 6:1-7 Learning To Delegate

The apostles follow God’s model

The early church is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds! God’s message is being spread all over the region but especially in Jerusalem. Along with the gospel are signs, wonders and acts of caring. These ALL were a part of the early church. And like any group, issues arose. We will visit one of these today and see how it was resolved.

Luke identifies a group in the early church called the Hellenists. These were Jewish Christians whose mother tongue was Greek. They came from the Diaspora who settled in Jerusalem. (I Googled it of course.) Their issue was that some of their widows were not being taken care of like the Hebrew widows were. Both groups were part of the new church but something was dividing them. Possibly a language barrier. This could have been the first “church split” but instead it was the first appointment of direct ministers, deacons if you will. Read more »