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Acts 13:1-3 Ready, Set…

The starting place for any work of God

The Holy Spirit says it’s time now for Saul/Paul to take up the mission he was called to. We get to look in on this commissioning.

Saul was told he was going to be God’s instrument from the first time he encountered Him. He also knew that his calling was to the Gentiles. As a devout Jew he would have been appalled at this idea but as a forgiven child of God he was willing to do whatever God asked him to.

Saul’s early audiences didn’t include very many Gentiles. They were mainly made up of Jewish people who Saul spoke boldly to about the gospel. Many believed but many others also wanted him stopped, permanently. But he didn’t stop. He relocated on a couple of occasions but he kept right on sharing with anyone who would listen. Read more »

Acts 11:19-30 Christ Like

They will know we are Christians by our love

Luke takes us to one of the new groups of believers. The message came to these new believers because of the disbursement of the church following the stoning of Stephen. Good things came out of bad events.

I am going to confess a bit of confusion here. We have run into the term Hellenists before; in Acts 6:1 and Acts 9:29. In my bible helps on the first two occasions their footnote says “Greek-speaking Jews.” In today’s text the footnote says “Greek-speaking non-Jews.” I have gone to the Strong’s Concordance through and they list all three instances under “Greek-speaking Jews.” When I look specifically at today’s verse it tells me: Read more »