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John 12:1-8 A Precious Gift


A special gift for her Lord

We come to a story today that is told in every one of the gospel accounts. It is the story of the anointing of Jesus. We sat in the room with Jesus when Mary poured the oil of anointing in Matthew’s gospel. We looked at the hearts in attendance as love poured out in Mark’s telling. And we looked at the responses when forgiven little; loves little in Luke’s account. Today I want to look at the gift itself as we read John’s narrative.

By now I believe we are familiar with the story, but I’m going to do a quick recap in case someone decides to join us at this juncture first. Jesus and His disciples had been invited to a feast at the home of Simon. He is identified as a leper that Jesus had previously healed by Matthew and Mark. Luke tells us that the man was also a Pharisee. Luke is famous for getting deeper into some of the stories so he shared another aspect of that evening. Read more »