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Matthew 10:26-33 Jesus’ Disciples Job Description: Management’s Role

Join Jesus' Team

Join Jesus’ Team

In yesterday’s lesson Jesus shared with His disciples the kind of “customers” they were going to encounter. He flat out told them that there would be trouble and that they would encounter people who would cause them significant distress. Logic would say that, unless the job is very high paying or you have a tremendous heart for those you will be serving, most people would run from the position Jesus just described. We know which one of those two reasons caused the disciples to sign up. Today Jesus tells them what they can expect from “Management”, God and from Jesus, for choosing to do His work.

The first thing Jesus tells His disciples is to NOT be afraid. That job description could certainly instill fear if Jesus ended His description there, but He doesn’t stop there. Instead, Jesus tells His disciples how valuable they are to Him and to God. He tells His disciples that they are so precious that God even knows the very number of hairs on each one’s head. They can trust Him to watch over them as they go about His work. Jesus showed that He cares about His disciples physical needs, as His earlier instructions about His preparations for supplies demonstrated, but Jesus’ greatest concern is for His disciples’ eternal future. Jesus emphasizes the fact that what happens in this world is nothing compared to what happens in the next. Life and death here is nothing compared to life or death in eternity. Eternity hangs in the balance for the disciples in their “new job.” Read more »