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John 15:1-17 Staying Connected

Great joy comes from connectedness

Jesus is pleading with His disciples today to stay connected to Him. He uses the word “abide” eleven times in our short reading. I’m pretty sure He means it then.

He tells His disciples that there are benefits to abiding in Him. The very first one is the ability to bear fruit. Without being connected to the vine the branches are dead and certainly bear no fruit. I have blackberry bushes all over my property. I chase them back every year in one area or another. One thing I have learned from them is that one vine on its own does not produce berries. I also don’t get fruit from branches that aren’t connected to the plant any longer. If I cut a branch, even if it has existing berries, there will never be another fruit produced from that branch. It is dead and only good for helping in the fire. They burn REALLY well. Read more »