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Luke 14:1-6 Under Scrutiny

How do you behave when watched

How do you behave when watched?

Have you ever felt like someone was watching you? Did that feeling prove to be true or were you simply self-conscious? Did you change your behavior in response to your perception of being watched? Jesus probably had the feeling of being watched in today’s story and His feeling was MORE than accurate. His behavior was perfect for that situation.

Jesus was invited to dinner after Sabbath services at the home of one of the higher up Pharisees. He probably knew they were setting Him up for some test but He went anyway. I wonder if His disciples went too. There were apparently several men of the Pharisees sect present at this dinner.

During the dinner, all the Pharisees kept close eyes on Jesus. They wanted to be able to pounce on Him at the first misstep. At one point a man with dropsy appeared before Jesus. I had to look up the meaning and symptoms of this condition, as it is not one I’m familiar with. It is characterized by an abnormal accumulation of fluid in one or more body parts. Topical Bible goes into more detail about the condition, if you are interested.  Read more »