Revelation 19:6-10 Wedding Bells

Let them ring! It’s time for the marriage of the Lamb!

We pause from the destruction and shift focus onto a joyous occasion. The wedding feast. The bride is ready and the Groom is coming.

I remember my wedding day. Getting dressed in the bridal room and waiting until it was time to walk down the aisle. It was an exciting day and there was so much to do before the big event. My biggest fear that day was that my dad would forget me. I know, stupid fear, but it is what I kept thinking over and Over and OVER again. Until the moment he knocked on the door and called me out. I never asked, but I wonder what my groom’s biggest fear was that day.

In Jewish weddings the bride never knew the date of her wedding. She was given an approximate waiting period. During this period of time she was to ready herself for the wedding. I don’t know everything she was supposed to do during that time but a couple of things she did was make her dress and say goodbye to friends and family. She would probably see them again after becoming a wife but her role would be different. In essence, she was saying goodbye to her life as it was before.

The groom’s job was to get their new home ready. This is why no date was ever set in stone. Building and equipping a new home could take some unexpected turns. There might be delays or possibly get done early. Once the house was ready THEN the groom could collect his bride.

No wedding was complete without witnesses and a celebration; the wedding feast. The guests invited at the announcement of the engagement. They were not given a date, time, and place of the wedding either. They had a general idea, just like the bride and groom did. The understanding was that this couple was so special to the guests that they would drop whatever they were doing at a moment’s notice and attend the wedding. It didn’t matter if they had “prior commitments.” EVERYTHING stopped when the groom called for them to assemble.

In our society today that would NOT go over well! We are so busy being busy that we have to have every appointment reserved well in advance. “What if it conflicts with my hair day?” “I might be busy that day.” We would be the ones who refused to come when the king called for the guests in Jesus’ parable.

That is NOT what happens in our reading today. The guests are READY for this celebration. The bride is arrayed in her beautiful dress and stands waiting for her Groom. The Groom has finished all His preparations and is on His way to collect her. All of Heaven is rejoicing as He calls her to Himself.

The church is His bride. Everyone who has given Him their lives and accepted Him as Lord and Savior is part of that bride. This includes all those who have died before, all who were in the rapture, and any who still remain on earth at the time of His coming. I don’t know if He calls them to Himself right before going into battle (our next reading) or if they come to Him once the battle is over. I don’t feel comfortable saying the vision John had runs in a sequential manner. Some parts yes, but other parts, I have my reservations about.

Whenever it is that He calls, WE ARE READY! No one stands there with hands on their hips saying, “Well, it’s about time!” We all jump for joy and shout “Hallelujah!” I can see myself dancing with joy, probably right along with King David. “The Lord God the Almighty reins. Let us rejoice and exult and give Him the glory” (verse 6b-7a). I KNOW my “Daddy” won’t forget me that day!

Father God, I’m SO looking forward to that day! The day I finally see You face to face. I may see You before that day, depending on how much longer You are planning on waiting. But that day will be extra special. ALL of the family will be together then. There won’t be any missing members. I want to see the smile that day brings to Your face! The pride in Your Son as He presents His perfect bride to You. Leaning into Your embrace as You wrap Your arms around Your daughter-in-law, or as my aunt Vicky would say Your daughter-in-love. Thank You for letting me be a part of Your Son’s bride and bridal party.

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