Colossians 3:18-4:1 Home Relationships

Once the one between you and God is right the others will follow suit.

Paul covers some of the same territory regarding relationships in the believer’s household that he did in Ephesians. He doesn’t go into great detail on most of the relationships but he does uphold his original instructions.

One thing you can say about Paul is that he never contradicted his own letters. What he wrote to one group he upheld to all the others. He even called Peter up on his double standard behavior when he behaved differently when Jews came around than he did when only Gentiles were present. Today’s teaching is another example of Paul’s consistency. Read more »

Colossians 3:1-17 Put On The New Self

Step into the perfection He made just for you.

Paul is calling his readers to leave the “old self” behind and put on the “new self” instead. The old self is the life we had prior to meeting Jesus. He makes us new in Him. This new self seeks to please Him in all we do.

The old self was so familiar and comfortable. There weren’t any rules to have to live by except the “get all you can for yourself” mindset. It didn’t matter how you got what you wanted just so long as the end result was your own satisfaction. Lying, cheating, stealing and manipulation were everyday tools. Some of the best indulgences were sexual in nature. And you always had to have the best of everything, including looks, money, fame, power, and popularity. Read more »

Colossians 2:16-23 Hold Fast to the Head

If the Head says do it, then do it. If the Head says it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t. Follow Him and you will never go wrong.

Paul is giving his readers encouragement against those who are trying to oppress them. “Let no one pass judgement on you” (verse 16a).

The judgement this group was facing was from the false teachers who were trying to conform them to their own standards. “How could he call himself a believer when he eats THAT!” “Believers don’t celebrate those holidays.” “You have to be completely free of any worldly interactions if you are really a believer.”

These are actual attitudes still today. “If you don’t do it my way you can’t really be a ‘Christian’.” That is not what Jesus said.

Jesus said that HE is the way. No man comes to the Father except through Him. No amount of actions or inactions will get you there. Only faith in Jesus. He set up the foundation for the church. He is the head of the church. Jesus calls it His body and He is the Head. If the teaching lines up with HIS word, then by all means follow it. If not, RUN the other way.

One of the foundational teachings of Jesus is that regulations and rules won’t get you into Heaven. We can’t keep them perfectly, no matter how hard we try. Jesus freed us from the law through His death and resurrection. He gave us freedom. Read more »

Colossians 2:6-15 Rooted In Him

A firm foundation results in a lasting building

Paul calls his readers to look back to their foundation. He reminds them of the basic building blocks and encourages them by exploring the might and power behind them.

This group was in danger of being led astray by some new “philosophy” that was going around. Paul called them to stop and remember the teachings they received in the beginning; the truth of Jesus. If what they were listening to didn’t line up with their original teachings of faith, RUN the other way! That is still true today and should be our litmus test. Read more »

Colossians 1:24-2:5 For This I Toil

Jesus cares about EVERY member of His body and wants unity throughout.

Paul shares with this group of believers why he cares so much about them. He didn’t plant this church personally but he cares for them as if he did. He shares Jesus’ care for them.

In my bible helps I am told that Paul was concerned about false teaching that came into this church. His heart is crying out for their protection!

God called Paul to be a minister to the Gentiles and he takes this calling seriously and personally. Paul knows he can’t be everywhere for everyone but he wants to make sure that the truth is spread above all else. His imprisonment has been instrumental in calling more attention to the gospel. It is a platform he can preach from. And his best message is how he is living for Jesus under those circumstances. Read more »