Genesis 17:15-27 The Real Heir

The proper position and attitude after receiving such a great promise! “Only by YOUR power Lord!”

We hear the completion of God’s covenant with Abraham today. This time He makes sure to tell him that Sarai is part of the promise and when it will happen.

Abraham has just been called to walk blameless before God, had his name changed, told that he was going to have to “cut away” part of himself and every male in his camp as a symbol of joining God’s promise, and now that Sarai had a new name too. He listened with rapt interest and agreement to each portion of God’s promise. Now God is ready to “blow his socks off!” Read more »

Genesis 17:1-14 A Cut Above

Probably more medical equipment that Abraham had but you get the idea. This was an extremely person and permanent commitment..

Abram is required to do something VERY painful in our reading today. But with obedience that pain becomes an eternal promise.

This requirement from God is not something He could have initially asked of Abram and expected him to submit to. Abram had a few “holes” to stumble into before he was ready for this call. He was not ready yet to “be blameless” before God. He had lessons to learn and needed time to grow his faith first. God didn’t call Abram up to account for all his past sins. God was ready to move forward and let the past lie. But Abram would have to “step it up” for this next portion of God’s promise. Also the consequences of his past sins would still come back to haunt him. Read more »

Genesis 16:1-16 “Helping” God

Trying to “help” God out usually ends in disaster! But always ends in consequences.

Abram is getting a son! But there are complications. “Why” you ask; because Sarai tries to help God out.

Have you ever felt that God was moving too slow? I know I have. One of my favorite sayings when feeling this way was to ask God if maybe He needed to wind His watch. I have had to work VERY HARD on getting rid of this attitude. My reasons for needing to change this attitude are the same ones Sarai comes up against today. When we rush God, or try to help Him out, we wind up in a WHOLE HEAP of trouble!

I used to think about this story as Sarai getting tired of waiting for God’s promise. Today I was impressed to think of it a little different. What I never considered before was Abram talking about the promise God made to him in front of and to Sarai.

Abram was given a promise but Sarai’s name wasn’t mentioned in it, yet. How many times did he initiate sexual intimacy with Sarai saying, “This is the time it will happen.”? How many times did she receive confirmation from her body that she had “failed” once again? Having a child wasn’t only Abram’s heart’s cry but Sarai’s too. Was she tired of hearing about Abram’s promise and then seeing the disappointment on his face each month? She was desperate and oh so empty! Read more »

Genesis 15:1-20 More Detail  

A promise worth waiting and fighting for!

We are not told how much time has passed since Lot’s rescue but God wants to renew His commitment to Abram. He strengthens His promise.

God gives Abram a vision where they talk face to face. He addressed Abram’s fear. He promised to be Abram’s shield and He promised him a GREAT reward. I don’t know what Abram was currently afraid. What did he need protection from? Is it possible Abram had been thinking about the five kings and any retaliation they might be planning? Or was he thinking about the promise of an heir?

God didn’t list what He was protecting him against, nor did He list what Abram’s reward would be. Instead He waited on Abram to share his heart with Him. And Abram did just that. He voiced his greatest longing. Rewards meant nothing to him. He had more than enough goods and servants. But one thing was missing; an heir. The thing he lacked and longed for was a child. THAT is the reward he sought. Read more »

Genesis 14:17-24 The Spoils

The first communion? Maybe. But certainly a portrait of Jesus and our behavior towards Him.

Abram returns from the battle victorious! On his way back he is met by the king of Sodom and the king of Salem. They have two very different agendas.

I can imagine the worry the king of Sodom has been feeling. He was just defeated in battle and everything he had, people and goods, was taken away. He was left with a few surviving soldiers and an empty city. Interesting that the invading army didn’t burn the city when they took the people captive. Something else I find interesting is that the invading army was able to capture the citizens in the first place. Wouldn’t they be busy with the battle itself? How did they get enough troops away from the skirmish to round up the people and their goods? Was the battlefield right outside Sodom’s door? Read more »