Genesis 47:1-12 New Home

Jacob and some of the brothers are presented to Pharaoh.

Joseph has prepared a place for his family in the best of Egypt. Now he introduces them to Pharaoh. And Pharaoh gives them a job.

When we left Joseph the last time he had just explained to his brothers about Egypt’s relationship with shepherds. He also informed them that they were to tell Pharaoh they were herdsmen since their youth. Then he went to Pharaoh himself to pave the way for their conversation. Now it is their turn to speak to Pharaoh. He is praying they remember his words of warning.

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Joseph returns to his home after meeting with Pharaoh. He is to bring representatives of his family before Pharaoh tomorrow. Asenath greets him upon his arrival. “Good evening my beloved. Has your family arrived safe? Have you shared with them our union?” Read more »

Genesis 46:28-34 Family Reunion

Joseph is overjoyed to have his family with him!

The family finally arrives in Egypt. Joseph directs them to the place they will now live. He also instructs them as to what to say when they are called before Pharaoh.

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The family is still two days journey away from Egypt when Jacob notices all the people. The famine is bringing more and more people in search of food to Joseph’s front door. Jacob does not want to get caught in the middle of all this traffic. He doesn’t want to bring his flocks into town and have to try and find space for them. He decides to send someone ahead of them to get directions to where Joseph wants them to go. Judah volunteers for this task.

Joseph has been watching for his family for some time. He knows their journey will be slow but his excitement and anticipation are beginning to wear on him. His duties keep him busy during the wait. Those same duties are what allowed him to find his brothers in the first place. Read more »

Genesis 45:1-28 Together Again

Joseph reveals himself to his brothers. Joy abounds!

“Everybody OUT!” This is the cry of Joseph after hearing Judah’s plea for Benjamin. His brothers have passed the test. Pharaoh even hears of this feat.

We left last time with Judah pouring his heart out to ‘the man’ regarding his father and Benjamin. ‘The man’ had judged Benjamin guilty of theft by the evidence found in his sack. As punishment, Benjamin was to be kept in Egypt as a slave. “I cannot now go to my father and tell him that I have failed him. It would be as good as my own hand slaying him. Please, for my father’s sake and the boy’s, let me stand in his place.”

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Joseph is never alone. There are always attendants or guards or people seeking his advice or services about. This moment in time is no different. Joseph has built a reputation for himself since arriving in Egypt. It was always founded on faithfulness in service, but now it had gone beyond that. He no longer even resembled the boy who was brought here in Read more »

Genesis 45:25-46:27 Off To Egypt

The WHOLE family will return to Egypt in style!

We left off last time with Joseph watching as his brothers started for home. Let’s pop back in on them on their journey. They have AMAZING news for their father and life changing news for the rest of the family.

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This is a long journey. This is the second time nine of the brothers have made it. Last time this portion of the journey was a LOT different. Simeon had been left in prison in Egypt and they were bringing a message to their father that there would be no more food, after what they carried with them, unless Benjamin accompanied them back to Egypt. They were further stressed when Gad discovered his money still in his sack. They traveled all the way home with a sense of doom hanging over their heads. They all felt as if God Himself was punishing them. They were wearing the stink of guilt on them over the way they had treated their brother Joseph. Read more »

Genesis 44:1-34 Heart Stopping Fear

The brothers are not about to let Benjamin out of their sight! Judah pleads for his life with his own.

Joseph’s brothers have just finished an amazing meal and been reunited with their brother Simeon. It’s time to head home with the food they have purchased in Egypt. They are thrilled to be getting out of there without incident!

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Joseph is not through with his brothers. He has to KNOW that their hearts have changed. He has seen their devotion to one another during these two visits. He has also seen their willingness to do as he commands. But is their obedience just that; obedience for the sake of their own safety or is it true humbleness? He loves them dearly and wants them to know him but he cannot trust them yet. They will be put to one final test. At the end of that test Joseph will know where their hearts are. Read more »