Genesis 19:23-29 Raining Fire

RUN from sin before it paralyzes you too!

The whole valley of Sodom is about to receive their judgement, except one city. That is the city where Lot has fled to; the city of Zoar.

When the angels dragged Lot and his family out of Sodom they told them to run to the city Lot had specified and to not look back. They were being gracious and waiting to send God’s judgement until Lot and company reached safety.

But Lot’s wife didn’t obey this simple command. It took the angels physically removing them from Sodom to get them moving. But Lot’s wife’s heart was still in Sodom. I’m wondering if she was from there. We aren’t told that Lot had a wife when he separated from Abram. Maybe he found one in the city of Sodom. Was she the reason he moved closer to the city? Was she the one who enticed him to make his home there? She apparently wanted to keep her home, even though the angels told them what would happen to the city. Read more »

Genesis 19:1-22 Get Out NOW

Lot lived in amongst the wicked. He nearly got swept away with them!

It is judgement time for Sodom. It is also judgement time for Lot. Will Lot throw in his lot with Sodom or will he stand against them?

The angels that left Abraham have arrived at Sodom. Lot recognizes them as special and begs them to come into his home for the night. He knows what kind of treatment they would receive if left to go into the city center.

Lot was no longer living in a tent near the city. He had a home with a door and walls just inside the gate. He also sat at the gate watching the goings and comings of the people. He knew what was going on in that city. He knew their hearts by their conduct. And their conduct was shameful to him. I’m wondering why he didn’t leave. What was it about that city that enticed Lot to remain, in spite of all he saw? Read more »

Genesis 18:22-33 Abraham’s Compassion

“Please God for their sake…” I’m glad one better at bargaining that Abraham does so for me.

The angels of the Lord are off to visit His wrath upon Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham bargains for the lives of the righteous living there. He asks the Lord for compassion on the whole for the sake of the few.

I don’t know about you, but I have tried to make some “bargains” with God in my life. “I will never again do _____ if You will do _____.” Or “I will forever do ____ if You will do ____.” I honestly don’t know how well He listens to these kinds of pleas. He knows the truth behind them. We are trying to get out of a sticky situation. Most often this kind of promise isn’t kept once His part is fulfilled. And I’m CERTAIN He knows that going into the deal. But He loves us enough to listen anyway. Read more »

Genesis 18:1-21 Sarah Laughs

Who are we to laugh at God’s plans? Nothing is impossible for Him!

We join Abraham in the door of his tent as he receives some important visitors. Sarah finally hears the promise regarding her first hand.

The men that approached Abraham’s tent had something different about them. Is it possible that he recognized “the Lord” from previous encounters with Him? Was this representative one of God’s chief angels? Was this a pre-incarnation of Jesus? I betting on the first explanation, but I could easily be wrong and it could also easily be, (D) all of the above.

Abraham abandoned his quiet resting place and “ran” to meet them and “bowed himself to the earth” (verse 2b). He was certainly in better shape than any man 100 years old today! But at his age he was supposed to be “above” hurrying like that. It wasn’t dignified for an old man to do that. Abraham didn’t care! His joy at seeing his Lord overflowed. Maybe that’s where David got his abandon before the Lord. Read more »

Genesis 17:15-27 The Real Heir

The proper position and attitude after receiving such a great promise! “Only by YOUR power Lord!”

We hear the completion of God’s covenant with Abraham today. This time He makes sure to tell him that Sarai is part of the promise and when it will happen.

Abraham has just been called to walk blameless before God, had his name changed, told that he was going to have to “cut away” part of himself and every male in his camp as a symbol of joining God’s promise, and now that Sarai had a new name too. He listened with rapt interest and agreement to each portion of God’s promise. Now God is ready to “blow his socks off!” Read more »