Numbers 21:10-20 Well Song

Israel is still on the move. We see them traveling through what is called Transjordan.

I have never been very good with these types of records. I want to be able to read where they went, look at a map and be able to see it spelled out. Unfortunately, the world has changed since Israel went out on that journey. The names have changed and many of the places mentioned no longer exist and can’t be pinpointed. In short, no precise map of their journey exists outside of Heaven.

That being said, scholars are still able to make an educated guess by the landmarks God identifies in His word. The route we receive skirts Edom and Moab. Read more »

Numbers 21:4-9 Lifted Up

Only those who obeyed were healed. The serpent held NO power, only its Source did.

The people are on their way around Edom because they were told STRONGLY that they couldn’t go through it. And they start to complain AGAIN.

I know I’m tired of hearing their favorite verse of their favorite song; “Why did you bring us out of Egypt to die in this wilderness.” I KNOW God is tired of hearing it. Today they add another verse in that had my jaw dropping; “We loathe this worthless food” (verse 5c).

Seriously? “Worthless food”! How ungrateful could they be? This is the bread of Heaven. The portion that God gave them every morning without fail. The food that they didn’t have to labor to bring to harvest. All they had to do was get up and pick it up from the ground every day. And THEY were the ones who turned it into something more to eat. THEY mixed it in with herbs and spices to make their meals. God didn’t mandate their recipes.

I have to admit that I get tired eating the same things every day but that doesn’t make it “worthless.” What it means is that I have fallen into a rut of my own making. Then it is up to me to get myself out of it. Read more »

Numbers 21:1-3 Arad Battle

The capture of their people spurred the rest to turn to God for relief.

Israel is on the back march from the Promised Land. They are in the earlier days of their 40 years wandering. One group isn’t about to wait for their return.

I don’t know how long it has been since Israel turned back from the brink of their victory. What I do know is that this is still the group of people who were told they would not enter the Promised Land and that both Moses siblings have already died. Actually, MANY of those whom God told that they would not receive the promise have died. But there are still MANY more to go before that whole generation are gone.

This is the same generation that complained to the Lord on a regular basis. The ones who lacked faith in Him to deliver them from the trials of their daily lives. The ones who kept stating that they should have stayed in Egypt.  They are singing a different tune now. Read more »

Numbers 20:22-29 Aaron’s Death

It is time to pass the mantle of high priest. Consequences of Aaron’s sin.

God “gathers Aaron to his people.” Another way of saying Aaron dies. God chose the setting and the timing.

Moses and Aaron have been together since a short time after God called Moses. Aaron has been his voice to Pharaoh, his voice to the people, and his hands in action for God. It is time to break up the team.

When God tells Moses that it is time for Aaron to die neither of them raises an argument. The reason God gives for this “changing of the guard” was AARON’S rebellion against His command at the waters of Meribah. This is where Moses struck the rock twice when he was instead told to speak to it. I’m not going to even attempt to say that Aaron didn’t have a part in this because God knows the hearts of men but He didn’t share Aaron’s part in it with us. I wonder why this is. Read more »

Numbers 20:14-21 Do Not Cross

Edom’s resistance didn’t stop God’s purpose or plan. It only removed them from receiving a blessing for helping God’s people.

It appears that the rift between Jacob and Esau didn’t heal. Israel asks for passage through the lands that Esau’s descendants held and was FIRMLY told to go another way.

Moses sent messengers to the king of Edom to ask permission to cross their lands. He didn’t want to assume they would be alright with this. Neither did he want to start a fight with his distant relatives. He was being polite and respectful. Buy Esau’s descendants were firm in their resolve to keep Jacob’s descendants OUT of their territory. I’m curious as to why this is.

When Moses sent the messengers they first promised to walk straight through without touching ANYTHING. When that plan was nixed, the second proposal was to pay for whatever they used during their crossing. They were not planning on staying or using up any resources. All they were trying to do was take a few miles off their journey.

Why did Edom’s king deny the people of Israel passage? Was it because Esau felt slighted when Jacob didn’t join him after receiving an invitation? The two peoples were too numerous to live together on the same land without destroying it. Was it because they were worried about the people of Israel not keeping their word? Were they afraid Israel would Read more »