Genesis 21:22-34 Truth Treaty

Repentance and second chances are a gift from God in these instances.

Abraham and Abimelech pledge honesty between them and their offspring. This is the same man that Abraham deceived regarding Sarah his wife.

Abimelech asked for a treaty with Abraham. I think it is interesting that he approaches Abraham with his military commander in tow. Would there have been trouble if Abraham refused? Was the commander there for Abimelech’s protection or a show of force?

The first statement out of Abimelech’s mouth sets the tone. “God is with you in all that you do” (verse 22b). Abimelech had witnessed this in his own life through his troubles with Sarah. Abimelech had given Abraham free rein in his land in exchange for Abraham interceding on his behalf with God for forgiveness.

Abimelech doesn’t ask for a “peace treaty” with Abraham or an alliance. Instead he asks for an “honesty agreement.” A “Don’t trick me anymore” kind of treaty. This was to be a generational treaty too. This pact would include honesty between Abraham’s and Abimelech’s descendants. The final part of this new pact was to include an agreement to treat Abimelech, and his descendants, with the same kind of kindness Abimelech had shown to Abraham. These terms were agreeable to Abraham. Read more »

Genesis 21:8-21 Heartbroken

Jealousy and hatred divided the camp and the nations.

It is a day of rejoicing in the camp. Isaac is no longer a babe. He is weaned. But in the middle of the celebration heartache lurks.

Isaac is the child Sarah longed for all her life. I imagine she kept him at her breast as long as possible. I would say he was AT LEAST 18 month old by the time she weaned him but was probably closer to five, if she felt like I imagine she did. This is a huge milestone in a child’s life during bible times. A celebration was in order. Read more »

Genesis 21:1-7 Sarah’s Laugh


What kind of laugh is yours?

Finally, the child of the promise has arrived. The heir through Sarah for Abraham. No more making due and helping God.


While I was reading our section for today I started thinking about one of the words that is used twice; laugh. This same word was used earlier when Sarah learned of her portion of the promise. And it will be used again by Read more »

Genesis 20:1-18 Boomerang Sin

A short distance in miles but a huge step in behavior!

Abraham does it again! He passes off his wife as his sister to protect himself. Boomerang sin. One that he engaged in before and it came back to him so he could do it again.

After all that has happened in his relationship with God, he still does a CYA move. After passing Sarai off to the Egyptians as his sister. After God rescued her from this lie. After telling Abram that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars. After the huge sacrifice offered to God. After changing both Abram and Sarai’s names. After telling Abraham that Sarah would have a child in ONE YEAR. After rescuing Lot and judging the valley. Abraham once again lies to protect himself.

He finds himself in a similar situation as in Egypt, and instead of trying a different approach, he tries out the same behavior that got him into trouble the first time; boomerang sin. Read more »

Genesis 19:30-38 Desperate Deeds

WRONG actions! But God used a child from this union for His purposes. He can redeem ANYTHING!

We find Lot and what remains of his family hiding in the hills. Their lives have taken a serious detour from the once wealthy man who left Abram.

In out last time together we witnessed Lot’s rescue just before God rained down judgement on the valley containing Sodom and Gomorrah. Lot and his family were given permission to go to the city of Zoar. The angels promised to spare Zoar for their sake.

But we don’t find Lot living in Zoar today. Instead he is in the hill country, which is where the angel originally told him to go. I’m curious why he went there after all. Did the inhabitants of Zoar blame him for the destruction of their neighbors? Were they practicing the same kinds of behaviors that got Sodom judged? If so, was he afraid God would judge them too and that he would be caught up in it this time? What was it about Zoar that frightened him? Read more »