Leviticus 25:8-22 Jubilee Years

Time to start again. The return of what was lost.

God calls for a rebalancing every 50 years. The slates are cleared and the people return to their allotments in the Promised Land that God has prepared.

The year of Jubilee would become very important to the people of Israel. First was the fact that, even if you lost your house due to circumstances beyond your control, on the year of Jubilee it came back to you completely. This requirement would impact the property value and long term contract.

How many years were left before the next Jubilee impacted the price one could sell their property for. The fewer the years before the Jubilee the lower the selling price. At the same time the more years before the Jubilee the larger the selling price. God insisted on fairness here. The price was required to be adjusted to reflect the actual use that the new owner would get. Read more »

Leviticus 25:1-7 Sabbath Year

God is ALWAYS the provider of the harvest but during the Sabbath year it is even more evident!

God calls for a rest for the land as well as the people. This practice is to begin once they take possession of the Promised Land.

Many experts in land use will tell you to rotate your fields and to give your field fallow times too. This is to keep the soil from being depleted. Different crops use different minerals out of the soil. Some need higher nitrate concentration while others require more phosphorus. As soil is a living ecosystem it is important to care for it if you want it to continue to grow healthy crops.

Surprise! God knew this too and put it into His Law to ensure His children respected it. God called for every seventh year for the cultivation of crops to stop. No plowing. No planting. No large harvesting. No pruning the grape vines. No harvesting the grapes. No wine production. None of the agricultural activities that would provide for a family’s sustenance AND income. Read more »

Leviticus 24:17-23 Tit For Tat

Equal justice and retribution. Nothing more and nothing less.

God has just finished giving His judgement regarding blaspheme and now he goes onto deal with the fighting itself. He pronounces justice be balanced.

I had a martial arts teacher when I was a teenager that had a philosophy about retribution for injuries. He was NOT the kind of man who believed in simply stopping an attacker’s effectiveness. He said “If someone hits me, I will hit them back harder. If they make me bleed I will break one of their bones. If they break one of my bones I will end their life.” This is NOT what God calls for! Read more »

Leviticus 24:10-16

Words and attitudes have consequences. Poison in the camp.

I don’t have a “cute” title for our reading today. A man forfeited his life because of the words he said. God had limits to “freedom of speech.”

The story we read today was to stand as an example for the whole people forever. We are not told the name of the “Israelite woman’s son” in our story. What we do know is that his father was Egyptian and his mother “was Shelomith, the daughter of Dibri, of the tribe of Dan” (verse 11b).

I don’t know if this “son” felt he was one of the Israelites. Was he treated differently by the others in the camp because he wasn’t of pure blood? Was his birth a consequence of slave/master submission? Was he raised to respect God? Was he taught alongside the rest of the children in the camp? Did his life growing up lead to his attitude as a man? Did he harbor resentment for how God dealt with his father’s people? Read more »

Leviticus 24:5-9 Show Bread

A weekly supply of bread from the portion of the Lord for those who served in His house.

God gives instructions for the bread that is to be placed in the tabernacle on the table. He requires one loaf for each tribe and each loaf is made up of the exact same things.

When I first started reading this passage today I was intrigued by the frankincense. I’m certain it is a beautiful smelling aroma but why pour it over the bread. I started thinking about it and googled my question. I wanted to know if frankincense is a food preservative. I didn’t get a definitive answer on that aspect of it but was informed that it can be used for everything from minor cuts to “leprosy.” I doubt it really cured leprosy but it did have amazing health benefits. Read more »