Deuteronomy 7:1-26 Be Separate

The lands God set out for Israel to conquer.

Moses reminds the people that God has set them apart from the other nations. They are to remain separate, even down to forbidding intermarriage.

When we looked at Israel’s numbers we saw them as a large group. But by comparison to the other nations they were still small. This is one reason the first generation refused to follow God into the Promised Land initially. They knew they were outnumbered and outclassed. On their own they had no hope of defeating any of the people they were preparing to come against.

At this point Israel has already defeated four different kings. Moses lists seen more that they are going to come against and be victorious. Moses makes certain to tell them that this will not be something that they can take credit for. He tells them that God will hand them over to Israel. He also tells them what is to become of those people. Read more »

Deuteronomy 6:1-25 Linchpin

It might look insignificant but without it everything else falls apart.

Moses has just finished reviewing the Ten Commandments with the people. Now he shares the one thing that holds it all together; the linchpin.

The commandments and all of the rules that build upon them would mean nothing without one thing holding them all together. That “thing” is love. God loved us so He set this whole process in motion. He gave Israel His law to guide and protect them. He gave us Jesus to fully open the way into His presence. But if WE don’t love Him in return we will fail at trying to keep any of His commandments. Read more »

Deuteronomy 5:1-33 Not Suggestions

These foundational stones lead us to the cross shaped one.

Moses begins reviewing the Law with the Ten Commandments. These are the foundation for all the rest that was given.

We have come to the brink of the Promised Land with the new generation. God wants to be certain they hear ALL He has given them. After Moses finishes going over the entirety of the law with them they will never be able to say, “We didn’t know.”

Moses says something interesting here. “The Lord our God made a covenant with us in Horeb. Not with our fathers did the Lord make this covenant, but with us, who are all of us here alive today” (verses 2-3). Many of those hearing this message were not born at the time God spoke to the people at Horeb so he isn’t referring to being physically present at that moment in time. What he is Read more »

Deuteronomy 4:44-49 From the Top

Gather around so you can hear ALL God has to say.

Moses has just refreshed the people’s memory of what they went through in the wilderness. Now it is time to get down to business.

Moses started his instructions to this new generation by reminding them of the past experiences with God. He also strictly charged them with the first three VITAL attitudes that they had to have for anything else to work. Obedience to God; NO idols of any kind; and God alone is supreme. These three founding truths had to be in place in the people’s hearts for there to be any success in the Promised Land. Read more »

Deuteronomy 4:41-43 Refuge

God provided a place of safety. Moses got to name the first three.

Moses sets aside the first of the cities of refuge. There were to be six in all; three on each side of the Jordan.

Because Moses was told by God that he wouldn’t be going into the Promised Land, he wouldn’t see where each tribe’s inheritance would be. But three tribes had requested lands on this side of the Jordan. Moses got to participate in assigning them their portions. He also got to assign the cities of refuge within their borders.

There were only going to be six cities of refuge in all of Israel. Not every tribe would contain one of them within their own territory but the three tribes who remained on this side of the Jordan each hosted one. This is a testament to the size of land they received. The tribes of Reuben, Gad and Manasseh were 23% of the total population of the Israelite’s. I don’t know if their portion of land was bigger because they were the only ones who wanted this side of the Jordan or not but their territory was substantial. Read more »