Genesis 49:28-50:14 Jacob Dies

Jacob’s final wish is carried out. He is taken back to Canaan to be buried.

We come to the end of Jacob’s life. His sons fulfill the promise made by Joseph and bury him with his fathers in Canaan.

Jacob knows his time is ending right away. The blessings/prophecies he just gave his sons are his dying declarations. He also has one final wish, which he has already sworn Joseph to uphold. Now he shares that one final request with the rest of his sons. They will all be part of the fulfillment of that promise.

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All the sons of Jacob have gathered by his bedside. The room is overly warm to offer comfort to their father. This is a private time between a father and his sons. Everyone else had left at Jacob’s command. Read more »

Genesis 49:1-27 Days to Come

Jacob has one final act to perform as their father. He has a blessing/prophecy to give each of his sons.

Jacob is dying. His last act will be to prophecy to his sons regarding their futures. These are not personal futures but those of the tribes they father.

This section of reading is heavy with meaning and questions. I do not feel competent to do it justice. I’m not going to address this in story format because of its complexity. I would love to have the ability and time to take this into an in depth study of the 12 tribes futures, but that is not my forte either. Instead let’s just jump in and see where the Holy Spirit takes us today.

Through the stories of Jacob’s life, we have seen him have trouble with his children. Jacob may have addressed it at the time but in his final prophecies, those troubled times come back to bite his children. They discover that “dad’s memory is LONG” and he doesn’t let things go. Read more »

Genesis 48:1-22 Bless The Children

Jacob blesses Joseph’s sons in his own way, proclaiming the future God has planned for them.

Joseph is called to his father’s bedside because he is nearing the end of his life. Joseph brings his two sons with him for a special purpose.

Before we get into our story there are a few questions I want to look at. I’m trusting the Holy Spirit will provide the answers as we go along, or at least guide us in that direction. 1) Why did Jacob take Joseph’s sons for his own? 2) Why did Jacob cross his hands when giving the blessings? 3) Where was this mountainside that Jacob bequeathed to Joseph? 4) Did Joseph have any other sons besides Manasseh and Ephraim?

Let’s go backwards in answering these questions, only because I believe I know the answer to the last one. After googling Joseph’s descendants, I believe the answer to that question is “no.” These are the only two sons listed for Joseph. So when his father took these sons as his own, Joseph was left with no descendants for his own name. Read more »

Genesis 47:27-31 Not My Home

Jacob makes Joseph swear by his father’s sacred oath to bury him with his family in Canaan.

Joseph is called on to make a promise by his father. Jacob has spent his life, or the majority of it in Canaan. That is where he wants to be laid to rest.

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Jacob was an old man when he came to Egypt to live. He knew his family’s history of long lives. He knew there were still some good years left in him, but not too many. His grandfather Abraham lived to be 180 years old. His father Isaac lived to be 175 years old. His oldest relative living during his lifetime was Shem. He lived to be 600 years old. Compared to Shem, Jacob was just a baby! But he knew this wasn’t to be the truth. His health was failing.

Before drawing his last breath or even getting to the point where he didn’t know what was going on around him, Jacob called for Joseph. He had matters he wanted to set right before it was too late. He had lived in Egypt for over 16 years now but this was NOT his home! His home was with his fathers’ in Canaan. But he couldn’t physically travel there himself. Read more »

Genesis 47:13-26 Pharaoh’$ Coffer$

By the time the famine was ended Joseph helped Pharaoh own all the livestock AND the people of Egypt for the price of grain.

We leave Joseph’s family for a bit to watch him as an overseer. He is wise beyond his years! His business acumen fills Pharaoh’s coffers to overflowing.

When Pharaoh first had his dream and Joseph interpreted it, things changed in the land of Egypt. Plans went from day to day or year to year into long range plans for the next 14 years. Storehouses were built and filled during the first seven of those years. The people were required to give 1/5th of everything they harvested to Pharaoh for safe keeping. Then when the seven years of famine set in, things got complicated.

We know that Joseph’s family came to Egypt two years into the famine. Apparently they were able to live on what they had personally stored until that point. It was before this point though that Joseph opened the storehouses of Egypt to the people. It amazes me that Egypt didn’t take on the “my 4 and no more” attitude with their stores. Instead, Joseph Read more »