Exodus 2:1-10 It’s a Boy

Moses was a beautiful baby and his mom was willing to risk her own life to hide him.

Pharaoh is trying to systematically wipe out Israel by killing all the boy babies. But God has other plans. Moses gets a special upbringing because of it.

The midwives had been ordered to kill all male children born to the Hebrew women but they had refused. Now the Egyptians were tasked with killing all male infants they came across. I wonder how many of them did it with relish. Did some refuse? Did some do so reluctantly? Did Pharaoh set up squads of soldiers for this particular purpose?

We will find out later that Moses had a brother. He was older than Moses and didn’t have to be hidden like Moses did. We meet his sister today. Apparently she is quite a bit older than he is. Later on we find out her name is Miriam. But today, she is simply a big sister watching over her baby brother.

I can’t imagine the fear Moses’ mother endured during those first three months. Did she dress him as a girl? Did she hide him away during the day? She would have had to respond immediately to every one of his cries to keep him silent. Babies are not quiet. Trust me on this one! Read more »

Exodus 1:8-22 Moratorium

I think maybe the rabbits took lessons on multiplication from Israel, or maybe vise versa.

It has been MANY years and several Pharaoh’s since Joseph saved Egypt. The Israelites are so numerous in the land that the new Pharaoh is afraid of them. He has a plan to put stop their growth.

Jacob’s family settled in the land of Goshen when they first came. By now they had multiplied to such a degree that they overflowed throughout the land. They were no longer contained in one consolidated area. “They spread abroad” (verse 12b). I don’t know if this was a spreading out in the land of Goshen or throughout all the territory of Egypt. Later on we will see them drawn back together in Goshen, but I’m getting ahead of myself again. Read more »

Exodus 1:1-7 Recapping

Jacob brings his whole family to join Joseph in Egypt.

We have made it to Exodus! We start with a recap of who went to Egypt with Israel. One large group grew into a mighty nation.

Exodus is one of the books of the Old Testament that I enjoy reading

AND it makes me shake my head in wonder. I love watching how God orchestrates the release of His people. I shake my head in wonder at Pharaoh’s stubbornness. I want to yell at him “Don’t you get it!!! What is it going to take before you recognize God’s hand in all this?!” Pharaoh isn’t the only one who gets the head shake. The people of Israel certainly get it too. But their behavior includes a jaw drop! How could they be so STUPID! After EVERYTHING God does to free them, all they want to do is complain. “My feet hurt.” “I’m tired.” I want meat.” “God brought us here just to die.” “We want another god. This one might be broken.”

I literally want to smack them about the head with a 2×4! Maybe that would knock some sense of gratitude into them, or at least knock out some attitude. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Today we are just recapping the basic information of who came to Egypt in the beginning. Read more »

Genesis 50:22-26 Bring Me Out

Joseph made his brothers swear that they would bring his body out of Egypt when they went back to the Promised Land.

We have come to the end of Genesis and the end of Joseph. He will make a cameo appearance in Exodus as his family leaves Egypt. For now though, he stays.

Joseph lived in Egypt for 93 years yet he didn’t consider it home. He was looking to th

e land that God had promised his fathers; the land of Canaan. He knew he would never personally live there again but he didn’t want what remained of him to be left in Egypt. He made his brothers SWEAR to bring his remains with them when God restored them to the Promised Land.

I’m curious how many Pharaoh’s Joseph served under. Did the Egyptians live as long as the Israelites did? Joseph saw three generations of his own family. How many generations did Pharaoh, who Joseph initially served, see before he passed? There was around 400 years after Joseph died that the children of Israel left Egypt. It is probable, depending on lifespan, that the Pharaoh of that day never met Joseph and the famine was deemed ancient history. Read more »

Genesis 50:15-21 Joseph’s Heart

Joseph’s brothers were afraid. With Jacob gone what would happen to them? FORGIVENESS!

Jacob is now dead and buried. The brothers are afraid their past will now come back to haunt them. One last plea for forgiveness that comes couched in a lie.

The first several times I read this passage I was fixated on the fact that the brothers felt it necessary to lie to garner Joseph’s forgiveness. They rightly judged that they had no right to his forgiveness and counted on his obedience to his father to sway him. I don’t believe Jacob ever made the statement that they send to Joseph. If so, he would have communicated it to him during either one of his final encounters with him. The brother’s fear of retribution and guilt led to a lie.

I want to go back and look at the hearts of the two sides of this story from the beginning. Let’s take the brothers first then Joseph. I know we don’t have ALL the everyday happenings that feed into this equation but I think we have enough to see where their hearts were leading them.

We were introduced to the brothers at their births. Each one was born into a contentious home life. The mothers were competing for their father’s affection. I’m sure that anyone would agree that this conflict had an impact on the children. The parent’s issues set up the favored son scenario to begin with. Read more »