Two Tellings: First Telling

This tells the full story, if you know where to look.

The last time we were together we looked at the “bold line” of Jesus’ final journey to Jerusalem. The place our bible authors chose to start His journey was a prediction of His death. This wasn’t the first time He had told them about what was to come but it was the most detailed time, before the final night. I want to look at two different times He told them about what “the prophets” wrote about Him. The first is this last “on the road” telling and the second happens on the road to Emmaus.

I want to look at the emotions of the disciples in each of these two instances. I want to look at Jesus’ telling of the story. And I want to look at the results of each of these tellings. Let’s take them one telling at a time to begin with, and then put them together in the end. Let’s put ourselves in the story each time and see where the Holy Spirit takes us. We are going to do this in three parts so reading (and writing) it won’t take forever. Read more »

The Bold Line

Jesus sets His face to Jerusalem. No turning back!

We looked at Jesus’ singular purpose the last time we were together. As He nears His “point B” His resolve and determination embolden that “line.”

“When the days drew near for him to be taken up, he set his face to go to Jerusalem” (Luke 9:51). Jesus didn’t stop ministering to those along the way but He stopped taking “detours” on His final approach. Matthew and Mark take us on a “fast march” from Galilee to Jerusalem but Luke “points out all the sights” along the way. This may be because Matthew and Mark appear to follow Jesus’ story chronologically and Luke appears to take a more “topical” approach to his telling of the story. Read more »

A Singular Purpose

Jesus went from Point A to Point B but the path He took created a MASTERPIECE!

We reached the “end of the book” last time we were together. Today I want to begin to look back at Jesus’ march to the cross. I don’t know how long this process is going to take as I have NO idea where God is going to lead us in this study. It is HIS to lead and mine to follow.

The first thing I feel impressed to discuss is Jesus’ singular purpose. His reason for coming to earth to begin with was to fulfill God’s plan of salvation. He came to die. But His death would bring life like never before.

When thinking about Jesus’ “march to the cross” I was reminded of the story of the cracked pot. In the story the pot has suffered damage over the years and can’t reliably hold water any more but it is still VERY useful. Its leaks water the flowers along the path from the stream to the home. The pot didn’t see its own worth because it only saw its failure to do its originally intended job. Read more »

Revelation 22:6-21 Not The End

And He provided a preview of the “coming attractions.”

We have come to the end of the book. But it is not the end of our time with Jesus. He promises us “forever” with Him.

What an AMAZING promise! I don’t know exactly what that forever is going to look like or what comes next. But as long as HE is in it, I’m GOLDEN! I think that was John’s reaction too. He was so thankful to the messenger that he fell at his feet. Oops! That reaction is reserved for the author of the message.

I find it interesting that even up until the last moments, we all still have potential to miss it AND to be forgiven. I doubt this letter was written on John’s death bed but he was well versed in Jesus’ teachings by now and yet, he still stumbled. Even more amazing than that is that the Holy Spirit saw fit to include that misstep in the final draft. God is SO gracious! Read more »

Revelation 22:1-5 In AWE!

Sitting under the shade of this tree will be doubly refreshing!

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The angel highlights two important and beautiful features in God’s city for John to consider. The River of Life and the Tree of Life.

I love looking at and listening to rivers. The sounds they make as they move through the world. They are powerful yet inviting. Finding their source or sources is sometimes difficult. Are they fed by an underground spring? Do they start with a waterfall leading away from a lake? Are they the result of melting snow in the mountains and only flow for a part of the year? And how many “sources” do they have? How many different “feed” into them?

The River of Life is fed by ONE source. That source is God. I’m curious if the river only flows in God’s city or if it feeds out into streams and rivers of the new earth. Are there streams, rivers, lakes and seas in the new earth? Will these waters bring more than quenching of the physical thirst? Will we be allowed to swim in this river? This thought brings to mind the movie Cocoon. Because of the life force of the pods in the water, those who entered the water were rejuvenated. I can imagine an even BETTER result when drinking or swimming in God’s river! Read more »