Matthew 1:1-17 The Begats

Family Tree

Family Tree

I want to start out by saying that the lineage parts of the bible are tedious to me. I have tried on several occasions to set down and put things in order and look deeper into them. Things like each life span, other family members not listed, and historical facts. I always wind up lost and confused so I simply read the list and go from there. Something always pops up though so here we go with what I noticed this time when I read it.

The first thing that strikes me is that we didn’t go all the way back to Adam and give the FULL lineage. We have from Adam to Abraham in other places in the bible, so maybe Matthew (and God) didn’t think it needed to be repeated here.

The second points of interest to me are the women’s names in the list. The first woman is Tamar. She had to trick Judah to even get pregnant. God wanted to continue on the lineage but both Judah’s older sons were “wicked in the sight of the Lord” so he didn’t let her conceive by either of them. A “one night stand” as the temple prostitute with Judah though brought her twins. (Their birth is another interesting story. Maybe I’ll get back to that one another day. You can look it up in Genesis 38 if you want to.) Read more »

Welcome to my page “If I had walked with Jesus”

Walking with Jesus puzzle

Jesus on the shore of Galilee puzzle

First off, let me assure you that I am NO expert in the Religious field of study. I am an ordinary individual just like you, who is taking this opportunity to share bible study time with you. I like to go slow and imagine myself in that time and wonder what else was going on around what we read. I ask OODLES of questions and most of them won’t be answered here on earth.

Over the years I have had many ups and downs in my walk with Jesus, but I have never wandered so far away that I couldn’t hear him in the background calling to me. My heart grieves for those who have, but that is not my story. During my walk, especially in the down times, I have come to rely on journaling. It started with simply putting down my thoughts, pain in particular, and letting them lead me where they would. That process brought me a little peace but not nearly as much as I craved. When I finally invited my bible, and my Lord, into my journal time I began receiving more of the peace I was so desperately seeking. Is everything peaceful and perfect for me now? Not hardly!!


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Tips for Better Bible Reading

large_three-tips-for-better-bible-readingTip #1. Listen to audio-Bibles.

When you listen to an audio-Bible, you’ll be surprised how quickly the time goes by and how much of the Bible you “read.”

People sometimes listen while doing other tasks such as driving or cleaning or running. This often limits what is actually being absorbed, as your attention is divided. Another method found to be incredibly profitable is to listen while following along in a different English translation (or in the original languages). Listening to a different version than you are reading helps keep you engaged as you inquisitively consider various renderings. The pace is so fast that you miss all sorts of nuances, but you gain a valuable macro-perspective. Read more »

Reading the Bible for the First Time

When reading this article, please know that it was written for me and not by me (Annette Vincent). There are great points here, as well as a few I don’t completely agree with. I didn’t want to delete it because of the good points that are in it and I found that changing it to reflect only my opinions was too difficult. Here it is in unedited form:

Maybbible-Sunlight (1)e the Bible won’t make the cut — it’s pretty tough to read it in two weeks even when you aren’t running one of the nation’s largest companies — but it definitely fits the bill for “learning about different cultures, beliefs, histories. . . .” So as as thanks (/punishment) for founding Facebook, I’d like to offer him — and any other new Bible readers out there — some Bible-reading tips.

1. Start with this map.

The Bible is about a place — one eventually called Israel, but also its surrounding regions; later, the story spreads into parts of the Roman Empire. That link above goes to a map with ancient markings. Here’s the current Google Map of the area, which also includes a satellite view. Read more »