Mark 4:1-9 Seed For The Sower

God's seed is love

God’s seed is love

Today we join Jesus on the seashore again. He is teaching in parables to a VERY large crowd. So large that He had to get in a boat again. I’m not sure if it was so that He could be heard by everyone or if it was to protect Him from being crushed again.

The parable in our reading today is a familiar one, as we also looked at it in Matthew 13:1-9. I love this parable but I’m running into trouble with what to write concerning it. When we looked at in Matthew we took two days to go over it. We looked at The Sower (The Farmer) first, and then we looked at The Crowd. Maybe I should have saved one or the other for Mark telling of the events. Just in case you wanted to have a look back, I linked this post back to the ones from Matthew. Read more »

Mark 3:31-35 Who’s My Mother?

Who is in your family?

Who is in your family?

We join Jesus today as He is in a group of people when His mother and brothers show up to take Him home. They set out to “seize” Him in verse 21. Now they are at the door and “want a word with Him.”

Jesus’ family set out from Nazareth a couple of days ago. They think He has gone nuts and they mean to drag Him home where they can tend to Him and make Him behave. They really did love Him; they simply didn’t believe He was who he said He was. Read more »

Mark 3:22-30 Watch Your Step

Wile e Coyote steps off a cliff

A step too far!

We join Jesus today as He is healing people from diseases and casting out demons. Mark doesn’t give us a location for this encounter, but it could have been anywhere and anytime in Jesus’ ministry. This was what He did on a daily basis.

Mark tells us that the scribes, who came from Jerusalem, were watching what was going on from a little way away from Jesus. They were spreading their poisonous words through the crowd. Essentially trying to turn the crowd away from Jesus. Jesus was not unaware of what they were saying, even if they were out of earshot. Read more »

Mark 3:13-21 The Twelve Appointed

I choose.....

I choose…..

Jesus has finished His marathon teaching on the seashore and heads into the mountains. Here he is going to appoint His next line of command, His Apostles.

Mark tells us that Jesus went up on the mountain and called to Him those who He wanted, and they came to Him. I’m wondering if, when He was leaving the seashore, He tapped each man on the shoulder who He wanted to follow Him up the mountain. Or maybe He stood on the mountain and shouted out the names of those He wanted to come up and join Him. Or perhaps He stood at the foot of the mountain and singled out who He wanted to walk up the mountain with Him. Read more »

Mark 3:7-12 The Crowds Are Growing

Think this, only BIGGER!

Think this, only BIGGER!

Jesus left Capernaum and we are going to join Him and His disciples somewhere on the banks of the Sea of Galilee. We don’t know how long He is here but it is long enough for people from OVER 100 miles away to join Him.

Jesus is on the seashore and Mark reports that people “from Galilee and Judea and Jerusalem and Idumea and from beyond the Jordan and from around Tyre and Sidon” were all present. That is an amazing amount of territory to cover! Mark’s list only includes three cities by name, so we don’t know exactly where the people from the territories listed came from. They probably came from several cities, so for expediency, they were listed by region instead. Here is a Map of Ancient Israel I found. This map comes from the website It lists the distances between some of the cities. Read more »