Mark 4:26-29 The Mystery of the Seed

The blueprint is contained inside

The blueprint is contained inside

Jesus is continuing to teach in parables today. Mark is giving us another parable about seed and the Kingdom of God. This one is a little different than any Mathew shared with us.

Jesus begins His story with the scattering of seed on the ground by a farmer. Jesus doesn’t focus on the work the farmer would be putting into the harvest, but focuses on the seed itself. Seeds are amazing. Each small little seed (some not as small as others) contains the blueprint of the fully grown crop in it. Science has been unable to unlock the secret of how all that knowledge was placed there. We are only able to observe its wonder. Read more »

Mark 4:21-25 Let Your Light Shine

Light of the world

Light of the world

When we join Jesus today, Mark does not make it clear if He is still with His intimate group or if Jesus was now addressing a crowd. When I “fast forward” a bit to verse 34, it looks like from our verses through verse 34 Jesus is teaching to the crowd instead of giving private instruction. Mark tells us that Jesus explained everything to His disciples in private, so being that today’s parable doesn’t come equipped with an explanation, He was probably delivering it to the crowd.

Mark doesn’t record the specific account of Jesus sharing the meaning of this parable with His disciples. Maybe the Holy Spirit believed that this parable was self-explanatory. Let’s look at this parable and see where the Holy Spirit takes us. Read more »

Mark 4:10-20 Why The Parables

Sitting at Jesus' feet

Sitting at Jesus’ feet

We are joining Jesus today for an intimate explanation of His teaching methods and His parables. The crowd is gone and it is just His close followers, including His disciples, who will get to sit at His feet and learn the deeper meaning to His stories. Times like these were few and far between. I’m sure each of the regular attendees cherished these quiet times together with Jesus.

Once the crowd is gone, the first thing Mark reports Jesus being asked is, “Why the parables?” Jesus answer was simple. So the masses wouldn’t really understand what was being taught. The masses had a role to play in God’s plan. They, as a society, had to reject Jesus. If they truly understood all He was saying, they would have turned to God for forgiveness of their sins. It is not that Jesus wants to damn them all to hell, but that He wants them to wait until the right time for their understanding and turning. Read more »

Mark 4:1-9 Seed For The Sower

God's seed is love

God’s seed is love

Today we join Jesus on the seashore again. He is teaching in parables to a VERY large crowd. So large that He had to get in a boat again. I’m not sure if it was so that He could be heard by everyone or if it was to protect Him from being crushed again.

The parable in our reading today is a familiar one, as we also looked at it in Matthew 13:1-9. I love this parable but I’m running into trouble with what to write concerning it. When we looked at in Matthew we took two days to go over it. We looked at The Sower (The Farmer) first, and then we looked at The Crowd. Maybe I should have saved one or the other for Mark telling of the events. Just in case you wanted to have a look back, I linked this post back to the ones from Matthew. Read more »

Mark 3:31-35 Who’s My Mother?

Who is in your family?

Who is in your family?

We join Jesus today as He is in a group of people when His mother and brothers show up to take Him home. They set out to “seize” Him in verse 21. Now they are at the door and “want a word with Him.”

Jesus’ family set out from Nazareth a couple of days ago. They think He has gone nuts and they mean to drag Him home where they can tend to Him and make Him behave. They really did love Him; they simply didn’t believe He was who he said He was. Read more »