Matthew 9:1-8 Jesus Heals the Paralytic


Rise, take up your bed, & go home

We are back in Capernaum with Jesus and His disciples. Jesus heals a paralyzed man during this visit. In Mark 2:3-12 and Luke 5:18-26 we are told a bit more about this story. Through these accounts we see that Jesus had entered into a house and was teaching at the time. It may have been Peter’s house that He came back to, or another citizen of this town who wanted to open their home for Jesus that day. Whom ever owned the home, they were about to have some renovations done.

Matthew doesn’t share with us about the man being let down through the roof, but we get that detail from Mark and Luke. In all three accounts we see that Jesus is able to see their faith in action. These men were determined to get their ailing friend to Jesus. They were deeply committed to seeing their friend made well and they knew Jesus could heal him if they could just get him to Him. Read more »

Matthew 8:28-34 A Divine Appointment Creates Deviled Ham

pigs rushing into the sea

Deviled Ham

Jesus and His disciples reached the other side of the Sea of Galilee and make landfall at Gadarenes. I’m not sure why they set sail for this port when leaving Capernaum. Did they intend this to be their original destination or were they moved off course by the storm. Jesus could have righted this course if this were the case. What I really believe was that He was on a divine appointment.

The two men that met Jesus and His disciples were as wild and crazed as could be. If they lived in the time of the state mental hospitals they would have been locked up and the key would have been melted down for scrap iron! They were SCARY! Everyone in town knew about these men and were terrified to come near them. Jesus wasn’t.

Jesus knew the cause of their distress. It was Satan, BIG time. They were over run with demons. The demons recognized Jesus and His power straight away. They didn’t need to sit down and listen to Him teach or wait to view a few healing miracle to be sure Who He was. The demons were terrified of Jesus and knew that He could cast them out of the men with ease. I don’t know why they suggested the pigs. I guess they figured Jesus would have said no if they asked to be allowed to inhabit the herdsmen nearby. I don’t know why they were afraid of not inhabiting a living being. Read more »

Matthew 8:23-27 Jesus Calms the Storm

Storm at sea

Storm at sea

Jesus and His disciples have finally made it to the boat. Jesus had been healing people all night. He was tired and wanted to get away from the crowd. They were followed all the way to the shore. Jesus steps into the boat and His disciples follow right behind.

I have heard that the Sea of Galilee is famous for unexpected storms developing. Were there storm signs when Jesus and the disciples reached the sea? My bible says Jesus got in the boat first. Were the disciples, many of which were seasoned fishermen, hesitant to get in that day? Just curious. Whatever the sky looked like, they set sail for the other side of the Sea.

Jesus fell asleep on the journey. I’m assuming He was tired from ministering to all those people just prior to setting out for the boat. The disciples weren’t sleeping though. Were they not tired? While Jesus was healing and ministering to the people, were the disciples resting or at least taking turns resting and helping? Did healing people physically drain Jesus of energy? I know personally that running around serving people is physically and emotionally tiring. Was that what Jesus experienced? Was that why He was sleeping? The rocking of the boat probably helped to put Him to sleep too. Read more »

Matthew 8:18-22 Counting the Cost to Follow the Cross

Jesus facing those who would follow, tells the cost of the cross

The Cost of the Cross

Jesus had been busy all night healing those who came to Him in Capernaum, probably at Peter’s house. The people didn’t come, get their healing, and then leave. They stuck around. More and more people were coming. Jesus could have probably stayed where He was and taught them for days before they all decided to leave. But Jesus was physically tired and needed to get away to take a breath. He also wanted to share His message and His healing presence with others in different areas. These were not the only people He came to help. There were other people out there who also needed to hear what He had to say. So He told His disciples it was time to move on.

Jesus decided to travel by boat. What better way to guarantee some alone time than to surround yourself with water. On the way to the boat He was approached by a scribe. I don’t know if this man received healing from Jesus earlier that night or if he had just joined the crowd, but he boldly said he wanted to follow Jesus wherever He went. Jesus knew this man’s heart. By Jesus’ answer I’m guessing that this man was used to easy living and lots of luxuries. Jesus didn’t have any of that to offer him. The road Jesus was traveling was to be filled with sleeping out under the stars as they journeyed between towns, daily dusty roads, and MANY run ins with the Jewish leaders. Nowhere a soft person would want to be. I wonder what the man did with that information. Did he feel offended by Jesus’ statement? Did he return to his regular life? Did he follow Jesus anyway? Was Jesus’ statement made to prepare the man for what lay ahead or to discourage him from accompanying Jesus? Read more »

Matthew 8:14-17 Jesus Heals Even More in Capernaum

Multitude at the door

The all came looking for healing

Jesus goes to Peter’s house while He was in Capernaum and finds Peter’s mother-in-law sick with a fever. Mark’s account says Peter and Andrew told Jesus about her condition. He helped her without even needing to be asked. Jesus reacts immediately and with compassion towards her. He reached out and touched her hand and she was healed. She got a personal touch from Jesus. She got up right away and started ministering to their needs.

Peter opened his home that night to people coming to receive healing from Jesus. He healed “all who were sick” (verse 16) with a word. They also brought those “who were oppressed by demons and He cast out the spirits” (verse 16). In doing this He was again fulfilling prophecy about the Messiah. Read more »