Happy New Year!

Make a joyful noise to the Lord

Make a joyful noise to the Lord

I want to start off by apologizing again for being inconsistent in my posts during this month. The Christmas season has increased the demands on my time, including a LOT of child care. This weekend is another high capacity home time. I find myself entertaining everyone and running out of time to sit and think. Top that off with more noise than a schoolyard at recess.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE having the kids over. But I am once again in need of your forgiveness as I will be missing posting bible study time. I started working on our next reading, but it is bed time already and I am going to have to focus on that for the rest of the night. I will most likely be facing the same thing for the next two nights. I’m hoping to be back up and running Monday night but can’t be sure.

I love sharing with you all but until I can find quiet time, I will be taking a break. I’ll be back strong in the new year. Thank you for your patience and Happy New Year!


Luke 6:46-49 Solid Foundation

His firm foundation stands the test of time

His firm foundation stands the test of time

Jesus closes His address to His disciples with this final truth. Being one of His disciples will take forgetting the doctrines of the past and laying a new foundation on which to build relationally.

Jesus is still speaking primarily to His disciples, but we benefit from His words just as well. He cautions this group that the work they are embarking on is not easy. It takes digging in and listening with their whole heart. Jesus is willing to spoon feed them the answers but they have to be willing to put into action what they receive. They have to listen to His words and replace all the other teachings they have received with what He is sharing with them. His words have to become their foundation. Read more »

Luke 6:43-45 Outed By Fruit

Out of the abundance of the heart

Out of the abundance of the heart

We are almost at the end of Jesus message to His disciples. He is preparing them for the work ahead. In our reading today He talks about the fruit they will bear.

We know from the accounts we already read that Jesus’ disciples experienced a LOT of success while out in the “mission field.” They came back in awe of all that His words had accomplished in their journey. The sick were healed, the lame walked, the blind recovered their sight, the deaf heard, the dumb spoke, demons were cast out, and the people received the word with gladness. Jesus is telling them today what it is that is going to allow that to happen.

The disciples’ heart is key in the process. Yes, God’s word is what provides the power for the miracles, but the heart condition of the one through which He works opens the door. I just received a picture of a screen sieve. There is oil being poured through this sieve into a waiting vessel. If the screen is dirty the oil flow is both slowed and tainted. What the vessel receives is contaminated. It is no longer the pure oil that was poured out. If the screen is clean the oil flows freely and cleanly into the vessel. I’m sure you recognize what, or rather who, the screen is. Read more »

Luke 6:37-42 For Your Preparation

He makes SURE we have all the information

He makes SURE we have all the information

After finishing writing on this passage, God prompted me to think about it another way. He reminded me that this message was specifically aimed at Jesus’ disciples. This was a message they would need once He sent them out into the world.

When Jesus’ disciples head out into the mission field they are going to encounter resistance. While Jesus is still alive the resistance is pretty small. They came back from their first mission trip with glowing reports of miracles and acceptance to His message. The religious leaders were the strongest opponents at that time. I imagine that they were more concerned with Jesus than His disciples’ actions. Maybe He kept them focused on Him during that time. God was certainly covering them with His protection while they walked with Jesus. Their survival in the midst of deadly storms is proof of that. Read more »

Luke 6:37-42 Judging Reaps Judgement

No excuses left

I have No excuse

GUILTY as charged! As I sit here and write about Jesus’ words on judging, I’m so frustrated I want to scream! Not at a person but at my cats. They are just being their natural self but that “self” is driving me NUTS! I know it sounds strange to be talking about my cats when it comes to the topic of judging, but they do go together; at least I think they do.

They are happily playing with everything they come across. All I see is destruction. Torn wrapping paper, boxes with little claw and teeth holes, ornaments knocked on the floor, nick nacks broken, walking across my computer keyboard, and any small item forever lost through the process of playing kittens. This is their nature but today it is my torture. I’m angry with them for being kittens.  Read more »