Luke 5:12-16 A Very Lonely Life (Warning: lengthy story ahead)

I will

I will, because I love you -Jesus-

Luke shares a story today of a life that is changed in an instant from enforced isolation to joyous freedom. This story is about a man who has leprosy. We are not given much information about him at all. I want to look at this story through his eyes today. I’m going to be taking some liberties in giving him a backstory. I hope you don’t mind. If you do, feel free to skip today’s reading.

My name is Michael and I want to tell you my story. Today is my 39th birthday and it is the first one I have celebrated with my family in over twelve years! It is a joyous day for me as I am finally able to join my mother, father, wife, and my children. I want to say right off that my family is the most amazing group of people ever born in Israel. They have loved me, even when I was unlovable. Read more »

Luke 5:1-11 The Catch of a Lifetime

He knows where we are going.

He knows where we are going.

We join Jesus on the shore today as He is being thronged by a crowd. Luke says they were there to hear the word of God. I wonder if many of them had healing on their minds too. We ate going to the Lake of Gennesaret.

I was curious where this lake was located so I Googled it and found out that it is another name for the Sea of Galilee. I was a little worried before doing this because I didn’t think Peter, Andrew, James and John went to other lakes to fish. I thought it might be a tributary lake instead. I’m glad to know the two bodies of water are one in the same.

At this point in His ministry Jesus is doing it all solo. He may have some very devoted followers but He has not called any disciples yet. That will change by the end of this day. For His own safety and to be heard by the majority of the people, Jesus needed a better location to teach from. Read more »

Luke 4:42-44 I Have Others To Reach Too

Check out His travels (click here)

Check out His travels (click here)

We are joining Jesus the following morning after His marathon healing at Peter’s house. Judging from Luke’s narrative it was morning before Jesus was able to break away from the crowd.

Jesus kept going all night with the people. He HAS to be exhausted when morning finally arrives. He is finally able to sneak away by Himself, for a few minutes. But the people are like bloodhounds after a porterhouse steak. They sniff Him out.

This group of people had witnessed Jesus’ power through the night. I don’t believe He left before everyone who had a need was ministered to. But the people still wanted more. They wanted everything He had to offer, including more teaching. Jesus loved the people and cared about their future, but He had other places He needed to be too. This wasn’t the whole of who He was sent to. He needed to reach people from the Mediterranean Sea to the eastern side of the Jordan River; from Tyre down to Bethlehem and the wilderness beyond it. This was a lot of territory and a huge amount of people. But He would reach them. Read more »

Luke 4:38-41 Many Come Seeking Help

Jesus only needed to be asked once

Jesus only needed to be asked once

Luke shares with us the story of Jesus healing Simon Peter’s mother-in-law today. Jesus doesn’t stop there though. He goes on to minister to people throughout the night. We have looked at this story in Matthew and Mark’s gospels already. We again find ourselves digging deeper to see what God has for us in this familiar story. If you want to look back at the other telling’s please feel free to follow the links: Matthew 8:14-17Mark 1:29-34

We learn from Luke that Jesus went directly from the synagogue to Simon Peter’s home. This was a Sabbath day. Jesus had just set the demon possessed man free, now He would minister healing to Peter’s mother-in-law. Jesus healed EVERY time the need presented itself. He didn’t wait for a special day or observe any restrictions on His outpouring of compassion. Read more »

Luke 4:31-37 Out Foul Spirit

Protecting for my children

Protecting for my children

Today we join Jesus in another synagogue. This is one place where He can be found quite often. He has gone back to Capernaum.

Jesus was once again teaching out of the Torah. He was expounding on the scriptures with perfect authority. Why not, He was the author of it all to begin with. Even Satan and his minions recognized His power and authority.

While Jesus is teaching today a demon testifies about Him. It’s not time yet for the full truth to be known so Jesus shuts it up. This is a GREAT relief for the man and an incredible story for the people observing the scene. Read more »