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Matthew 12:22-32 Oh No You Did NOT Just Say That About The HOLY SPIRIT!

you said what

You said WHAT!?!

Jesus has left the scheming Pharisees behind in the town and is out in an unspecified place healing anyone brought to Him. He has been fulfilling God’s prophecy about Him in Isaiah when who should appear but MORE troublesome Pharisees.

Matthew tells us that one of the people Jesus healed while He was in this place is a man oppressed by a demon that made him both blind and mute. As expected, Jesus heals this man and he is able to both see and speak. I’m not making light of this miracle but reminding us all that Jesus healed ALL those who were brought to him. I don’t know where this man’s faith was on the “believing spectrum” because he was “brought” to Jesus. Was he brought because he couldn’t get there himself physically, or were his friends intervening in his situation on his behalf?  Was he simply brought to Jesus by Jesus’ disciples after making his way to the meeting place? However he got there, Jesus met his need in full.

The people in the crowd following Jesus were amazed by this healing! I’m sure the man was overjoyed too. I was a little confused by the people’s reaction, because Jesus has been healing for a while now. Until I realized that they were now asking themselves if Jesus was actually David’s son, the prophesied Messiah. Many people were coming to Him every day knowing that He could heal them. They were accepting Him as a prophet or teacher. Now they were recognizing Him as the Messiah. Read more »

Matthew 12:15-21 Jesus, God’s Chosen Servant

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Jesus’ crowd control method

Jesus has just left the scheming Pharisees behind. He knew what they were up to and He chose not to engage them, for now. He simply “withdrew from there” to an unspecified place. He didn’t go alone though. He was followed by many people seeking healing.

Here again, Jesus tells those He heals not to “make Him known” (verse 16). Matthew doesn’t tell us if they share what has happened anyway, but I think they probably did. No one else so far has listened to this instruction, why would we believe they would be any different? Jesus’ fame keeps growing no matter how many times He says to keep it quiet.

I have often wondered why Jesus told the people not to tell about Him and today we get to see the answer. He is actually fulfilling one of the prophecies about Him in Isaiah. Matthew quotes the parts pertaining to Jesus’ instructions in verses 18-21. I want to go verse by verse here to learn of this aspect from prophecy. Read more »

Matthew 12:9-14 Jesus Heals the Man with the Withered Hand on the Sabbath

Willie Coyote after being blown up

His traps never worked either

We are continuing the Sabbath day’s journey with Jesus, His disciples, and the judgmental Pharisee group. Jesus was apparently on His way to the Synagogue when He and His disciples were walking by the grain field. The Pharisees were still spoiling for a fight as they tagged along.

The first thing recorded by Matthew after Jesus entered the synagogue is the fact that there is a man with a withered hand in attendance that day. Did Jesus notice the man first or did the Pharisees pull him from the crowd in order to bait Jesus? Had Jesus identified the man and stepped near him to address his need? Did the man approach Jesus or one of His disciples for healing? What were His disciples doing during this time? We are told straight up that the Pharisees’ question about healing this man was devised to find some reason to accuse Jesus of wrongdoing. They didn’t like Jesus one bit and would use any excuse to get rid of Him, permanently!  Read more »

Matthew 12:1-8 Jesus, Lord of the Sabbath

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High price for a small snack

Jesus and His disciples are back together and continuing their ministering journey. We are not told where they were on their way from or to, but that they found themselves in a grain field one fine Saturday. I’m assuming they were walking along and it’s about midday. I did a little research on how far one could travel on the Sabbath day and states it is a little over two miles.

When Matthew reports that they were hungry, I don’t know if it was an “in between meals” kind of hungry or an “I haven’t had anything to eat all day” kind of hungry. Whichever it was, they used the available food source to satiate it. According to the Sabbath laws they couldn’t cook any food or even stop by the store or restaurant to buy something to eat. Read more »

Matthew 11:25-30 Jesus, Hidden In Plain Sight

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The Best Secret EVER!

I wonder if Jesus is still with the same crowd we left Him with yesterday or if this is a new group. Luke has Jesus with the 72 disciples He sent out when He thanks God with this statement. Luke’s gospel also leads me to believe yesterday’s message was delivered to the 72 just before they left (Luke 10:12-15) on His mission and today’s message was right after their return (Luke 10:21-22).

Using Luke’s setting, Jesus is talking to His larger group of laborers who have just returned from the field victoriously! They are excited about all that happened during their time of ministry. Why did they all come back at this time? Was this a prearranged meeting place? Were they given a time frame for their first trip into the field? They all came back together and met Jesus in this place to debrief. Read more »