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Mark 6:1-6 No Honor at Home

Rejection Green Road Sign Over Storm Clouds

Rejection Green Road Sign Over Storm Clouds

We get to go home with Jesus today. No, not His real home, but back to where He grew up. We are going to Nazareth. After leaving Egypt, after fleeing from Bethlehem because of Herod, Joseph and Mary settled in Nazareth to raise their family. Many of His family members still lived there.

Jesus left Nazareth when He started His public ministry. He moved to Capernaum and used that city as His home base. Jesus had a very good reason for doing this. Today’s visit home proves He made the right choice. Read more »

Mark 5:21-43 Two Miracle for the Price of One

Oh the stories he has to tell!

Oh the stories he has to tell!

Today we are going to look at two miracles Jesus did right after coming back from Gerasenes. These two miracles were discussed in Matthew and we took time to look at them separately. We are going to leave them together when we look at Mark’s account. If you want to go back and revisit the “firsthand accounts” of these miracles, you can find them as Jesus Heals Jairus’ Daughter and Jesus Heals a Desperate Woman.

I want to look at the “day in the life” of one of Jesus’ disciples. I am going to pick John for our purposes. I chose John because he seems to always be right nest to Jesus. I know that he is not the main person in today’s story but I want to take this different view anyway. Read more »

Mark 5:1-20 Legion of Destruction

Why are You here

Why are You here

We have just spent a dark and stormy night, that miraculously changed, with Jesus and His disciples. Now we have reached Jesus’ intended destination; Gerasenes. Here Jesus will meet with a very famous man from this region. We are not told his name, but we are given some background information about him.

This man is famous for two reasons, the whole region thinks he is crazy, and he is incredibly strong. We are not told how long the man behaved in the fashion he has become famous for, but you can tell it has been a LONG time. I’m assuming his behavior escalated over time. He probably lived like any other person for a portion of his life. We are left without a clue as to what started his downward spiral, but spiral he did. He went from one demon to a legion of them living within him. He moved from being able to respond to verbal “restraint” to being beyond the use of chains and shackles.   Read more »

Mark 4:35-41 Peace! Be Still!

Even the wind and the waves obey

Even the wind and the waves obey

Today we are going on a boat trip with Jesus and His disciples. Jesus had been teaching the crowds, in parables, for several hours. It is now evening and He is ready to leave. “Let us go across to the other side” (verse 35). One wild ride coming up!

A couple of things caught my attention as I read this story today. The first was the statement, “they took Him with them in the boat, just as He was” (verse 36). What is meant by “just as He was?” Does it simply imply that Jesus was hungry and tired when He got aboard and they didn’t take the time to eat or rest before setting off on this trip? We know for a fact that Jesus was tired because He fell asleep on the ride over to the other side. Was Jesus already in the boat because that was where He was teaching from? Had Jesus left something on shore, like His coat, and they didn’t go back for it before setting sail? I’m still wondering about that phrase. Read more »

Mark 4:33-34 Private Lessons

He's changing me too through His stories

He’s changing me too through His stories

Today we are going to look at something Jesus did on a regular basis but we don’t get to hear much about. That something is how He taught. Mark quickly sums up Jesus’ teaching methods, publicly and privately.

When Jesus taught the crowds He taught them in parables. He told us earlier that He did this to keep His message hidden from many of those who came to listen to Him speak. Mark says, “He spoke the word to them, as they were able to hear it” (verse 34). So we know some were able to hear, some of it.

This would be where the different kinds of soils came in. Some of the people that came to hear Him came to find fault with Him. Some came to hear Him out of curiosity. Some came seeking healing from Him. And some came seeking a Savior. As you can probably tell, the first is the wayside, the second is the rocky ground, the third is the thorny places, and the last is the good soil. Read more »