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Mark 15:21-32 Jesus Endures It All

I want that kind of love!

I need that kind of love!

Today brings us to the foot of the cross. Here Jesus bled and died for each of us. The physical pain of the cross was not all He had to endure, but even that pain he endured fully.

We looked at Jesus’ crucifixion in Matthew’s gospel too. In that blog article titled, “On the Cross” we joined the “action” for a closer look at what was going on. Flip back to better appreciate all Jesus did for each of us. Read more »

Mark 15:16-20 Hail King of the Jews

Truer words were never spoken.

Truer words were never spoken.

We will be viewing the ugliest hours in Jesus’ life in the next few days. These hours were brutal and filled with resentment. Not on Jesus’ part but on the part of those inflicting pain on Him. We start off with Jesus’ scourging at the end of yesterday’s reading then we jump right into the soldiers’ mocking Him.

I want to know what was happening in Heaven as Jesus was enduring these tortures. What were the angels doing each time the whip was drawn back? Did they turn their eyes away like I did when watching “The Passion?” Were they crying? Were they shaking their fists in anger? Were they rejoicing because they could see the end just up ahead? Or were they silent; breath held, waiting to see if Jesus would send for them. Was God doing the same? I want to share my poem “Between Triumph & Tears” that poses this very question. Read more »

Mark 15:6-15 Crucify Him!

How big was this crowd?

How big was this crowd?

We are continuing on with Jesus as He moves ever forward towards the cross. We join Him in the presence of Pilate at the annual feast ceremony. This is where and when Pilate customarily releases one prisoner back to the people.

As this is an important event, Matthew also included it in his narrative. We looked at this event in the blog titled “The Crowd Rules.” Once again we put ourselves in the story. I hope you pop back over and feel the events of the day.  There are a couple of questions I want to ask about the events as we revisit this scene in Mark’s gospel. Read more »

Mark 15:1-5 Pilate Was Amazed

Caiaphas' words only contained lies

Caiaphas’ words only contained lies

We are continuing on with Jesus in His progression of trials. Two days ago we looked at all the illegal happenings in His trial. As we leave Caiaphas’ home we will touch on a couple more illegal points.

Before we jump into Mark’s account I want to point you back to Matthew’s. We looked at this scene in the blog titled “Jesus Trial Before Pilate.” In that account we put ourselves in the story again. Feel free to go back and check it out. Read more »

Mark 14:66-72 The Bird is Heard

Peter's new nightmare sound

Peter’s new nightmare sound

To me this is one of the saddest stories in the bible. Peter is watching Jesus, on trial for His life, yet the one Peter is most concerned for is himself. We join Jesus in Caiaphas’ inner courtyard as Peter watches from the outer courtyard.

When we looked at this story in Matthew we viewed it through Peter’s eyes. The article containing that perspective is titled: “I Don’t Know This Man.” Today I want to look at it through Jesus’ eyes.

Peter’s denial and Jesus’ trial were happening simultaneously. Peter’s first denial happened just after he arrived. He had been following, from a distance, Jesus and the mob that had Him bound.  Jesus was being questioned by Annas at that time. Read more »