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Mark 7:14-23 Outside In, or Inside Out

What is rooted in there?

What is rooted in there?

In our reading today we look at the end of the encounter concerning food and cleanliness. Those who separated the gospels into chapters, verses, and topics placed this section together with the section where the Pharisees approached Jesus about His disciples’ hands in Matthew. In Mark’s gospel those same experts separated the two themes. Let’s look at the conclusion of Jesus’ encounter with this group of Pharisees.

Jesus has just put the Pharisees in their place concerning the traditions of the elders verses God’s Laws. The first is completely from man and has NO authority from God attached to it. It is NOT equal in authority to God’s commands either.

Jesus now goes back to the original issue of the food. Jesus wants everyone to hear this exchange so He purposefully gets the entire crowd’s attention. “I want ever eye on me and every ear listening to me for a moment. I want you to understand something.” Jesus wanted the people to understand this lesson. He didn’t try to hide the meaning from them, but once Jesus and His disciples were alone even they had questions about what He just said. Read more »