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Luke 23:1-8 An Unwilling Participant

Choose wisely which path to follow

We join Jesus before Pilate today. He was brought here from the council of the Sanhedrin. They had just rubber stamped the “trial” from the night before. They wanted the Romans to carry out sentence on Jesus, so here we stand, in front of Pilate.

We looked at this scene in Matthew and Mark’s gospels too. We will visit it one more time in John’s gospel. In Matthew we put ourselves in the scene at Jesus’ trial before Pilate. In Mark we looked at the illegality of this portion of Jesus trial and commented on the fact that Pilate was amazed by Jesus’ composure. I honestly don’t know where to go with our study today, so I’m simply going to talk about some of the phrases that I find interesting in Luke’s account. We will let God lead us from there, as He so often does. Read more »