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Acts 21:27-36 Away With Him!

Protected from the people. Part of God’s plan

We meet the mob today as they attempt to kill Paul. It’s not just a plot anymore but a full out assault on him.

The first thing I notice is that it was the Jews from Asia that started the trouble. It wasn’t the Jews from Jerusalem responding to gossip or rumors. It was the Jews he had debated during his travels. They had come for the holy days too.

Something else that caught my attention was that they waited until near the end of the seven days of Paul’s purification time before they acted. Why was that? Did Paul not enter the temple after his first visit until this day? Were they required to leave him be by the law during that time? They had obviously seen him in the town but did nothing to stir up trouble at that point. Why?

It looks like the Jews from Asia are the ones who grabbed Paul in the first place. Then they rallied the troops to their cause. The Jews of Jerusalem probably didn’t recognize Paul but the Jews from Asia had recent contact with him and knew him quite well. Read more »