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Acts 14:19-23 Left For Dead

Even this doesn’t stop God’s plans!

When we left our intrepid missionaries they were stopping the people from worshiping them as gods. The people were so in awe of the miracle God had performed through them that they thought them gods themselves; Zeus and Hermes. NOT SO said Paul. We rejoin the story where some of the dissenting Jews from previous stops show up to stir up the crowd against Paul and Barnabas.

I’m curious to know if the Jews showed up at in the same crowd we were just reading about or if they came in a little later and poisoned all the crowds in general. I find it hard to understand how they could turn the crowd so quickly from adoration to aggression if it was the same day. I’m also wondering what it is that they said to the crowds that got them so worked up. To go from trying to install someone as a god to dragging them through the streets and engaging in killing them seems like a HUGE swing of the pendulum. How did they get there? Read more »