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Acts 21:37-22:21 On The Barracks Steps

If only they really listened

When we left Paul yesterday he was being carried into the barracks for his own protection and examination. He had been attacked by MANY Jews and dragged out of the temple. They meant to kill him but the soldiers intervened. Today he is on the threshold of the barracks when he asks if he can address the crowd.

The tribune thought Paul was an Egyptian who had recently caused a great deal of trouble. To him, this would have made sense regarding what had just happened. His comment about Paul speaking Greek makes me wonder. Had Paul spoken to him in Greek or was the tribune asking him to do so now? Was Greek the language of the tribune or the Roman guards?

Paul provided his pedigree and asked to be allowed to speak to the people. I wonder if the tribune agreed to Paul’s request because it was now a Jew v Jew issue. Read more »