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2 Timothy 2:1-13 Stay The Course

I’ve occupied every step at least once.

Paul continues to encourage Timothy to continue on in the office Paul placed him in. He got there by Paul’s direction but under God’s authority and will. His service too, had a lasting impact.

When I think of Timothy I wonder how he felt in this position of authority. We know he was a young church leader. He joined Paul while he was in his teens and spent about 13 years with him. So that put him probably somewhere in his 30s when he was the leader of this body of believers. The culture of his time equated wisdom with age. So did he feel like he had nothing to contribute? Did others look at him with suspicion because of his position? Jesus was only 30 when His ministry began. People wondered where He got His wisdom too. I don’t know. Maybe I’m making something more of his age than was actually an issue. But Paul did mention it several times, so maybe not. Read more »

2 Timothy 1:3-18 Fire Tenders

Preparations, persistence and patience needed.

Paul continues to encourage Timothy to move out into the gifts God bestowed on him. He reminds him of his heritage of faith and where his hope truly lies.

Paul starts by reminding Timothy that they both come from a line of faith. I’m wondering if the “ancestors” Paul is referencing was Abraham. It is clear that the Pharisees didn’t serve God with a clear conscience. Their service was NOT from the heart but from a formula. This is not the faith that Paul and Timothy share. Read more »