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Acts 14:8-18 I’m A Man Too

They were looking at the wrong source

Not me personally, I’m a woman but that is beside today’s point. I was bemoaning the fact that we didn’t have detailed accounts lately of what was going on during Paul’s journey. Moan no more! Today we get to watch as a group tries to elevate them to god status.

Paul and Barnabas have just narrowly escaped being stoned AGAIN but they were not silenced. They just moved on to somewhere else to share God’s word. They are in Lystra today.

While Paul is teaching he notices a man in the crowd who is intently listening to every word being spoken. His expression leaves no doubt in the disciple’s mind that this man is drinking in and accepting the word of faith being shared. Paul keeps watching his throughout his presentation of the gospel and his spirit is burning with compassion for the man. Read more »