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Mark 4:30-32 From Seed to Tree

From one small seed

From one small seed

Jesus gives us another parable about seeds and the Kingdom of Heaven today. This time it is about the growth potential of the seed and of God’s Kingdom.

We looked at the amazing blueprints locked away within each seed yesterday. Each seed has within it the instructions of how to create the complete plant, including the fruit, containing new seeds, for the harvest. Jesus wants us to look at a different aspect of a seed today. He has in mind a specific seed too; the mustard seed.

When Matthew shared his account of Jesus’ parable regarding the mustard seed I did a little googling. I wanted to know if the mustard seed was the smallest seed on Earth. I found out that there are currently smaller seeds, however, in Jesus’ region and His era the mustard seed was the smallest one planted for crops. Read more »