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Matthew 8:23-27 Jesus Calms the Storm

Storm at sea

Storm at sea

Jesus and His disciples have finally made it to the boat. Jesus had been healing people all night. He was tired and wanted to get away from the crowd. They were followed all the way to the shore. Jesus steps into the boat and His disciples follow right behind.

I have heard that the Sea of Galilee is famous for unexpected storms developing. Were there storm signs when Jesus and the disciples reached the sea? My bible says Jesus got in the boat first. Were the disciples, many of which were seasoned fishermen, hesitant to get in that day? Just curious. Whatever the sky looked like, they set sail for the other side of the Sea.

Jesus fell asleep on the journey. I’m assuming He was tired from ministering to all those people just prior to setting out for the boat. The disciples weren’t sleeping though. Were they not tired? While Jesus was healing and ministering to the people, were the disciples resting or at least taking turns resting and helping? Did healing people physically drain Jesus of energy? I know personally that running around serving people is physically and emotionally tiring. Was that what Jesus experienced? Was that why He was sleeping? The rocking of the boat probably helped to put Him to sleep too. Read more »