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John 2:13-22 Zeal For Your House

“Get Out! This is My Father’s House!”

Jesus attends His first Passover during His ministry. He will see three Passover celebrations, with His death occurring on the third one. So He has been ministering for about six months by now. The only miracle we know about, through John so far, is when Jesus turned the water into wine. But the people at the celebration knew of Him and His works. John has departed from the daily accounting of Jesus’ life and gone more general instead.

Jesus has grown up attending Passover celebrations probably every year. I have no doubt that the merchants and money changers have been behaving like this for years! But this Passover was different. Was it different because He is different or was He always conscious of this issue and was now finally ready to address it? Read more »

Luke 19:44-48 Resetting the Boundaries

God drew the lines, Jesus was enforcing them

We are joining Jesus in what is referred to as “The Passion Week.” We saw Him ride into Jerusalem a few days ago. I wanted to see if we could go through the week at His speed and end up with His resurrection for Easter, but that is not going to happen. The first reason for not being able to attain this timeline is because of the number of events we are presented with in the scriptures and that I we have been taking our time with each event. The second reason is on my head. Because of so many other things going on in my life right now, I haven’t been consistent in writing every day. I want to apologize for my lack of dedication lately and pray I get back on track. Read more »

Mark 11:15-19 A House of Prayer

Jesus cleans the temple

Putting the temple in order

Jesus is back in town today. We got to eavesdrop on Him while He was on the way back during the fig tree incident. Now He is going to deal with the “highway robbery” going on in the temple.

As near as I can tell, Jesus does His cleaning of the temple right after getting into town. This is a perfect opportunity for Jesus to externalize some of the stress He is undoubtable experiencing. He is down to days left before His ultimate sacrifice. He has several jobs to do before that though. Today’s job is cleaning up the temple, at least for now. I wonder if His actions impacted how business was conducted the rest of the week. Read more »

Matthew 21:12-17 Jesus at His Father’s House

From the lips of babes You have ordained praise

From the lips of babes You have ordained praise

We have arrived in Jerusalem with Jesus and His disciples. This is the last week in Jesus’ earthly life. Jesus spends the days of this week in Jerusalem but the nights in Bethany. He went there after yesterday’s story and is back in town today to do a bit of house cleaning and to minister to the people in need.

The temple during festival times was a hub of activity. People from far and wide came to offer their annual sacrifices. Those who came from close by brought theirs with them, while distant travelers brought money to purchase appropriate sacrifices at the temple. I have learned through many sources that those working in the temple would “inform” those who brought animals that their animals were not acceptable and require them to purchase one from the “approved” stock. The money brought also had to be exchanged for “acceptable” money. Of course Read more »