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Mark 10:13-16 Bless the Children

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On Jesus' lap

On Jesus’ lap

We just finished with one of my least favorite subjects and move into my favorite now. Today brings us to Jesus blessing the children. I would have loved to be one of those children!

We got to see Jesus blessing this group of children through Matthew’s eyes a while back. That post was titled “Welcome Little One.” Today we get to see it through Mark’s description. As Mark was not there in person, we get to hear the account as it was relayed to him through another of Jesus’ disciples; possibly Peter.

As Jesus finishes His teaching and dispatches the Pharisees, a group of parents, I presume, brought their children to Him that He might touch them. Mark doesn’t say it was for a blessing, but just Jesus’ touch was enough to change lives. We aren’t told of any infirmities in the children that would require Jesus’ healing power, so we know they simply wanted His touch and anything that touch would bring into their lives. Read more »

Matthew 19:13-15 Welcome Little One

Jesus, please speak blessings over my children

Jesus, please speak blessings over my children

Jesus has been in the region of Judea just across the Jordan. While there He has been healing, teaching, and encountered the Pharisees. Today He is asked to bless the children.

Everyone has been coming to Jesus for healing since the beginning of His ministry, but this is the first time we see someone coming simply to receive a blessing from Him. Jewish tradition has a special blessing for children, which is to be given every Friday night. It is called the Shabbos bracha. I wonder if this was what the parents were asking for from Jesus. You can check out the traditional blessing for boys and girls at 

Jesus has been dealing with the crowd and the Pharisees for a long time today. He is probably tired and in need of rest. But one last group wants an audience with Him. This is a group of parents and children. I’m imagining there were quite a few of them in this group. Read more »