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Mark 6:30-44 They All Were Satisfied

Plenty for everyone with some left over

Plenty for everyone with some left over

Jesus’ disciples have just returned from their first mission trip. They are excited about all they have seen and done. They can’t wait to tell Jesus how successful it was. Jesus wanted to hear all about it too, but not where they were at.

When Jesus sent His disciples out to share His message, even more people were able to hear the gospel. Which in turn caused more people to follow Jesus and His disciples. There were so many people that night, when the disciples got back to Jesus that they couldn’t even eat. Everyone wanted to talk to them or ask them for something. Jesus knew that His disciples were tired and needed a rest.

So Jesus tells His group that they are going to sneak away to an isolated place for some rest and alone time. But the people figured out their destination and rushed ahead and beat them to where they were going. These people were HUNGRY for what Jesus and His disciples had been serving. They wanted more and they were willing to do whatever it took to get it. Read more »