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Luke 9:1-6 Go Where I Send Thee

Jesus sends His disciples out

Jesus sends His disciples out

Luke brings us to the time Jesus sent His disciples out on their first missionary journey. When we looked at Jesus preparing His disciples to go out in Matthew 10 we took our time. It would take forever to link all the pieces from that time, but I encourage you to use the search feature and type in Matthew 10 if you want to revisit Jesus’ full job description and preparation.

We also looked at this event while going through Mark’s gospel account. That one is a LOT shorter and can be found under Boots on the Ground.

When Jesus sent His disciples out He gave them two tasks; 1) proclaim the Kingdom of God and 2) heal people. Jesus prepared them for the first task on a daily basis. He taught wherever He went. I don’t know if their job was to share His teachings or to simply share that the Kingdom of God had come in the form of Jesus. Was their teaching aimed prompting the people to seek Him out? Were they sharing their own expectations of what the Kingdom would look like? Read more »