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Luke 5:33-38 The Old Is Good

Inspecting the wine

Inspecting the wine

Luke takes us to my most difficult subject today; fasting. I was looking back to see what we have already covered on the subject and found 8 posts dealing with it in some form or fashion. I really don’t want to go there again today. Honestly, it has been a very long day for me and I would rather simply skip this section, BUT that’s not what God wants us to do. So here we go. I’m at least saved from having to go through the same material again because I was prompted to look at a couple of different things in our reading.

In Luke’s telling of Jesus’ answer to the question of why Jesus’ disciples didn’t fast he shares some parables that Jesus used that day. The first one is about the new and old garments. In Matthew’s telling of this parable he talks about using a piece of unshrunk cloth as a patch for an old garment. In Luke’s telling he uses the analogy of tearing a piece from a new garment to patch the old one. This subtle difference brings a whole different concept into my mind. Read more »

Matthew 6:16-18 Jesus Address Fasting


Fasting Focus

Jesus begins His instruction on fasting the same as He did on prayer and giving. It is to be done in private and not for show. Apparently fasting was a common practice of the religious leaders at that time and their behavior and practice of it was anything BUT private. The same holds true for the religious leader’s behavior and practices of giving and prayer. Thus Jesus’ instructions.

I was thinking about the practice of fasting and wanted a little more information. I was curious about the origins of fasting, if God ever told anyone to fast, and the biblical reasons for fasting. I came across some interesting websites while searching out the answers to these questions. Here is what I found. I DO NOT agree with everything I found but thought I would pass it on and let you make up your own mind. Read more »