2 Corinthians 11:16-33 How Do I Measure Up

This list was for the readers. God sees the heart and that is what matters.

Paul continues to contend with his readers over their acceptance of false teachers. “Why do you let them treat you this way?” Paul didn’t like going to this level with his readers. He would much rather stay in the meat of the word but their acceptance of these false teachers required him to address them this way.

When Paul was with the Corinthians he spoke gently to them. He wasn’t a “Hell fire and brimstone” preacher. He shared God’s love and salvation through Jesus Christ. He didn’t put heavy burdens on the believers, spiritually or physically. But they welcomed those who came after him that did just that!

I can hear Paul crying out, “Why?! Why is it you forsake the teaching I brought you for those who would abuse you? Ok. You want to compare scars and evidence of devotion. Here is my list…”

Paul uses a bullet point list. He doesn’t even go into detail. It would take him more time than he had to break down all that he had really suffered. We know for certain that he wasn’t the only apostle who suffered greatly but his appears to be recorded better. And at the time of this writing he hadn’t even been imprisoned for years, uncharged, yet. Read more »

2 Corinthians 11:1-15 Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

A wolf in shepherd’s clothing is even worse!

Paul is distressed by the report of the Corinthian church listening to and following false teachers. Why can’t they see them for who they really are?

Satan is cunning. He proved that with Eve in the garden. He tried to use that skill with Jesus in the wilderness. And he was using it with this body of believers. Plus he is still using it today. He knows God’s word and he knows how to twist it. The truth is not in him but he knows how to cozy up to it to take on a few aspects of it. Knowing God’s word yourself is the best way to combat his lies. Read more »

2 Corinthians 10:1-18 Not Ashamed

God’s word written for the generations!

We are beginning to look at Paul’s previous letter to the one we just finished. Yes, we are still in 2 Corinthians but my bible helps tell me that this was letter number three and chapters 1-9 were letter number four. So this letter will be addressing some of the issues that Paul counted as resolved in the letter we just finished.

Paul starts this letter, not like his previous ones with long greetings but gets right to the point. I wonder if his customary greeting was removed when combining the two letters into one or if he purposefully left it out. He does plainly introduce himself as the author of the letter right off. Maybe that alone was his greeting. Read more »

2 Corinthians 9:1-15 A Willing Gift

The heart of the giver matters more to God than the content of the box.

I want to break from routine and cover two subheadings today instead of just one. The reason is that these two sections belong together, in my opinion. We will look at Paul’s advance preparations for the gift that was promised and his exhortation about how to give.

Paul starts out by telling the Corinthian church that he is proud of their promised generosity. He is so proud of them that he has been bragging on them to some of the other churches. For some reason though he is concerned that they may not make good on their promise. I don’t know if it is because of the conflict they have recently undergone or if he is a natural worrier. He doesn’t want to look bad and he doesn’t want them to look bad either. So he sends an advance team to make sure all is ready when he gets there. Read more »

2 Corinthians 8:16-24 Faithful Servants

Be faithful with what He gives you now; then He will trust you with more.

We meet, some for the first time, several faithful servants. Some are not even named but their company is a blessing to all.

Paul is our first faithful servant. He has been sharing the word continually since his encounter with Jesus on the road to Damasks. Titus is the only other one in our reading today that is named. Paul is especially fond of him. He was the one who took at least one of the letters to the Corinthian church and brought back a report of their response to Paul’s correction.

Titus cared so much about this body that he chose to go to them on his own. He didn’t wait to be asked but volunteered for this task. Paul had told him a lot about this group of believers and he wanted to see for himself this wonderful group. Read more »