Romans 1:16-17 From Faith to Faith

Train me in the way I should go

We are setting out on the “Romans Road”, as many call the wonderful truth of our salvation that runs through the book of Romans. After Paul’s greeting he gets right down to the truth; “The righteous shall live by faith” (verse 17c).

I’m going to state again that I am NOT a bible expert and anything that comes from this site is from my time spent with God reading His word. I don’t claim to have ANY special knowledge other than what HE reveals to me while I’m reading and typing. Feel free to disagree with me, and even say so, at any time. With that said, I’m moving on into what He has for me today. Read more »

Romans 1:8-15 I Want To Come

Getting started on the right foot

Paul is continuing with his greeting to the new church in Rome. In our reading he emphasizes how much he wants to actually see them in person instead of just through a letter. All in due time Paul.

I cannot begin to imagine how long Paul’s daily prayers were. He states in all his letters that he earnestly prays for the believers where he is sending his letters. I do not doubt his sincerity. I don’t think he would have stated, “God is my witness” unless it was really true.

It sounds almost as if Paul has been pleading with God to let him go to Rome. But God keeps saying, “No.” Actually God was saying, “Not yet.” Paul does go to Rome but it is not until it is time in God’s plan to do so. Read more »

Romans 1:1-7 Greetings Romans!

A letter for all of us

I am going to start off right here and now and admit that I am confused. The confusion is my own fault for not reading the “history” behind all the books before diving in. I was under the impression that Paul’s letter to the Romans stemmed from his time in Rome. But looking at several sources that doesn’t seem to be the case. This also calls into doubt my assumption of who Luke was referring to when he said Paul met with the “brothers” when he reached Rome. It appears that there were new believers in Rome BEFORE Paul arrived in the end of Luke’s account in Acts. It also appears that Paul DID leave captivity after his two years in Rome but was returned to captivity later where he was killed for his faith. BOY do I have some questions for Paul when we meet up face to face. Luke too for that matter. I’m going to share the link I found most enlightening regarding Paul’s life and accomplishmentsRead more »

Acts 28:17-31 While In Rome

Chains for his hands but not his tongue!

We have come to the last section of the book of Acts. Luke concludes by giving us a brief synopsis of Paul while in Rome. His first days speak loud and clear of what his time in Rome will be like. He DOES NOT go by the old adage, “When in Rome do as the Roman’s do.”

Everywhere Paul begins to preach he goes to the Jews first. That is true for his time in Rome too. Jews came from far and near when he got there. I’m not sure if it was because his imprisonment was well known, if he was famous, or if they were hungry for any news from their homeland. Read more »

Acts 28:11-16 Final Leg

Favor but not quite freedom

Paul is FINALLY going to make it to Rome. I don’t know how many years this process took from appeal to appearance but it was lengthy! My patience would have been MORE than stretched. Let’s look at the final miles with Paul.

Isn’t it “convenient” how there was a ship from the Roman empire docked on the island of Malta? Can we say, another God moment? Julius stopped pushing for time too at this point. The group stayed on the island for three months; the remainder of the winter. When God says slow down, He means it. Read more »