Romans 3:9-20 ALL Have Sinned

God gave the Law to the Jews first

Jews and Gentiles are united as one in our reading today. Their unifying factor is that ALL have sinned. There is not one righteous person, apart from Jesus.

Paul is not ready to get down to brass tacks. The bottom line is that each one of us, no matter how “good” we may believe ourselves to be, has sinned at some point in our life. That makes us all equal in God’s equation of righteousness. We don’t meet the standard.

Man knew this before the Law was given, as evidenced by remorse over inappropriate behavior. Many thought themselves to be a good person but I can almost bet that no one thought or thinks they are perfect. We all know the secrets that hide in our hearts whether we admit them out loud or not. Read more »

Romans 3:1-8 The Introduction

God’s hands seen through human events

I have a confession to make. I feel so inadequate in going through Romans with you. I know there is deep information God has for us here but I feel at a loss when digging through it. I’m praying I don’t sound like a total idiot and am relying on Him to give me something I can hold onto. I am going to continue making my way through and seeing where He takes me. You are welcome to come along for the ride, or not, if you would like. I would really like your feedback and insight into our reading too.

In our reading today Paul asks a question. “Then what advantage has the Jew? Or what is the value of circumcision?” (verse 1). Paul counts there as being great value and I would have to agree with him. Read more »

Romans 2:12-29 A Heart Condition

Good seeks the inward Jew

We have been following along with Paul as he lays his foundation concerning sin and salvation. He started by sharing the root of sin and that God equates all sin as deserving of death. We also were cautioned that God will judge each of us in the end; good or bad we all will account for our actions. Today Paul deals with the fact that the law is not what created a righteous or unrighteous person. It is a heart condition.

God gave His written law only to the Jews but all of mankind recognizes that there are good and bad actions. Cain didn’t need the written law to know that killing his brother Able was bad; sin or an action against God. If he wasn’t ashamed of his behavior he wouldn’t have tried to hide it from God. If Pharaoh didn’t think it was wrong to have another man’s wife he wouldn’t have been upset with Abram for not telling him that Sari was already married to him. Read more »

Romans 2:1-11 According To His Works

God knows the final balance

Yesterday we saw the God is evident even in creation. His existence cannot be denied. We have no excuse for saying that we didn’t know there is a God of this universe. But many choose not to honor Him and accept His work for themselves. That is the root of all sin.

Today we move a little deeper into looking at sin. We ended with the harsh reality that all sin is deserving of death. Now we are reminded again that judging one another is also sin. The main reason stated for this is that we are doing the same things we are judging others for. Read more »

Romans 1:18-32 Without Excuse

God is evident in creation

Yesterday we looked at the greatest gift ever given; Jesus Christ. He was given to ALL people who would believe. Today we look at the why He had to come. Because man did not truly love and honor God.

How many of you have ever looked at a beautiful flower, inhaled its fragrance and simply enjoyed it? I know I have many times. My mother in law has MANY rose bushes in our yard that produce magnificent blooms. Regardless of their beauty, they are nothing compared to the One who created them in the first place. Each flower shouts of a miraculous Creator. I don’t see how anyone can truly look at a rose and doubt the existence of a Creator, God. Read more »