Acts 10:34-43 What He Said

The whole household heard the word

I promised yesterday that we would get to the part of the story where Peter gets to share the gospel. We are here! When we left off yesterday we were at the point of “what do you want to say” and “what do you want me to say.” That question was answered by the Spirit instead of either of the two men.

Peter finally “got it!” “Truly I understand that God shows no partiality, but in every nation anyone who fears Him and does what is right is acceptable to Him” (verse 34-35). The Spirit caused the vision and the current experience to suddenly click into place. It took Cornelius’ relating his visitation to put the final pieces into place, but now Peter could clearly see the correlation between the vision and his mission to this Gentile home. Now Peter KNEW what he was supposed to talk about. Read more »

Acts 10:9-33 God’s Point of View

Don’t all unclean what God made clean

Today we visit another of my favorite stories from the book of Acts. I love this one because it positively established that I too am a child of God. It blew off the doors of the “exclusive club” to transform it into what it was meant to be; absolutely inclusive. Another amazing thing this story does is lay the foundations for salvation by grace and not by works.

We join our story already in progress. We saw the beginning of it in our last time together. It started with the visit of the angel of God to a Roman centurion named Cornelius. Cornelius lived in Caesarea, about a distance of 40 miles from where Peter was staying in Joppa. Per the angel’s instructions, Cornelius dispatched three men to fetch Peter from Joppa and bring him back to Cornelius’ home. Read more »

Acts 10:1-8 God Heard You

A special gift for a special friend

We meet a new character in our story today. His name was Cornelius and he feared Israel’s God. He was a Gentile but observed at least two of Israel’s practices towards God; giving gifts to the poor and prayer. This is the first time Peter will bring the gospel to a Gentile, but we are getting ahead of ourselves.

Cornelius is the commander of 100 Roman soldiers. I didn’t know what an “Italian Cohort” was until I looked in my bible helps. I thought it meant that he was a member of the Italian race. Instead I learned that “a ‘cohort’ consisted of 600 men under the command of six centurions with auxiliary forces in remote areas.” I’m assuming this one had auxiliary forces stationed in Italy because of the name given here. Read more »

Acts 9:36-43 We Still Need Her

Tabitha, arise.

We get to read about another amazing miracle that happened in Peter’s ministry. This one is full of outstanding faith and reminiscent of the prophets of old as well as Jesus Himself. Let’s look in on Peter and see what’s going on.

Peter has been going about preaching and teaching the Jews wherever he can find them. He is one of the head apostles of the new church but he also likes to be a “boots on the ground” leader. He wants to reach out to the lost as well as interact with the new and established believers in the churches that have been planted. He is in Lydda when two men come to him. “Please come to us without delay” (verse 38). Read more »

Acts 9:32-35 Peter Meet Aeneas

Jesus heals you

We are leaving the focus on Saul for a bit and peeking in on Peter. He has been busy sharing the gospel in many different areas of Judea. Today’s story comes from a visit he made to Lydda. It is North West of Jerusalem, nearing the Mediterranean Sea.

The first thing I noticed about this story is that Peter got out of Jerusalem and ministered directly to the people, both near and far. He didn’t stay in Jerusalem and wait for the new converts to come to him. He also didn’t think himself above interacting with the regular people. “Now as Peter went here and there among them all, he came down also to the saints who lived at Lydda” (verse 32). Read more »