Matthew 17:1-13 Jesus’ Transfiguration

jesus standing with Moses and Elijah as Peter, James and John look on

His face shone like the sun, and His clothes became white as light

This is the first time that Matthew has told us how many days have passed between one story and the next. I wonder why he is being so precise today. Because Matthew has not mentioned that Jesus has traveled, I’m going to assume that we are still in Caesarea Philippi. I wonder what was going on during those six days. I assume Jesus was still engaged in healing people and spreading His teaching. As before they were probably repeat kind of ministries and didn’t rise to the level of significance required to be included. Not that the events themselves weren’t significant, but for the sake of space, they were left out of the synopsis of Jesus life.

Jesus takes Peter, James, and his brother John with Him to a mountaintop. On that mountaintop the true Jesus shown through His earthly vessel. So many people depict Jesus in pictures as having a halo all the time. They paint Him with almost glowing garments and an unearthly light emanating from His hair. This is NOT how Jesus looked on any other day, except today. Today puts those pictures to shame. “His face shone like the sun, and His clothes became white as light” (verse 2). Jesus was literally glowing! Read more »

Matthew 16:24-28 Take Up Your Cross & Follow Him

We are told to carry our cross, but we don’t do it alone!

We are still in the region of Caesarea Philippi with Jesus and His disciples. Jesus has previously asked the question of “Who do you say I am?” and foretold of His death. Today He addresses the cost of following Him.

Before we get too deep into the reading, I have a few questions I want to ask. Why did Jesus use the illustration of the cross? He hadn’t told His disciples yet that He was going to die on a cross. Was this a common saying in Jesus’ day? Is that why He said it? What did the disciples think of this phrase? Did it confuse them? When we read it we think, of course Jesus talks about the cross because that was the instrument of His death. But the disciples didn’t know that yet.

Carrying a cross demonstrated a sentence of death. It was heavy and cumbersome. It was a symbol of extreme torture. Use of the cross as a punishment device was as cruel a way to die as anyone had come up with at this point. It was an object of horror. The stuff nightmares were made of. Read more »

Matthew 16:19-23 Jesus Tells of His Upcoming Death

Ashamed of my actions. Jesus can wash it away

Ashamed of my actions. Jesus can wash it away

We are still in Caesarea Philippi with Jesus and His disciples. Peter has just proclaimed Jesus as the Son of the Living God, through revelation knowledge passed to him from God Himself. Today, Peter will listen to Satan instead.

Yesterday when we were looking at Jesus remarks to Peter, I didn’t mention Jesus last comment directly to Peter, or His strict instructions to the rest of the group. This was not intentional and not meant to imply these last points were insignificant. Please forgive me for rushing through and let’s look back before we move on.

When speaking directly to Peter, Jesus tells him, “I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven” (verse 19). I don’t believe Peter fully understood the gift of authority Jesus just gave him. When Jesus sent His disciples out to minister to the people He gave them authority over demons and all kinds of diseases. He gave them the message they were to proclaim. Now Jesus was giving the authority to command heavenly forces too. Peter wouldn’t really understand and employ his new authority until after Jesus ascension. Read more »

More About Me

More about me, in case you are interested.

Nannie and her grandbabies 2013: Top: Damion, Jared. Left: Aurora. Right: Akuma. Lap: Eve, Eli, Cailyn. Nannie: Annette Vincent

Nannie and her grandbabies Dec. 2013: Top: Damion, Jared. Left: Aurora. Right: Akuma. Lap: Eve, Eli, Cailyn. Nannie: Annette Vincent

My mom sent me an email recently and told me that I don’t even have my name on my own page. She also wanted me to share some of my personal story too. When I started this blog, I was mainly concerned about stating what I was hoping to accomplish, and why I was going about it the way I was. I guess now is as good a time as any to peek behind the curtain and meet me.

This is hard for me to do because I don’t know what parts to share, so I’m going to go with some of the highlights from beginning to now. Feel free to skip any part you think too boring.

I am the second oldest child in a family with five children. We are my older sister (Karen), me (Annette), my brother (Tim), my second brother (Daniel), and my baby sister (April). Our home was seldom quiet with all of us running around getting into mischief. One of our favorite phrases, when my parents would leave us at home for some reason, was “Nobody tell on nobody and nobody gets in trouble.” My poor parents probably still don’t know half the things we got into, and I’m still not telling! The celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2011 so we at least didn’t destroy them in the process. Read more »

Matthew 16:13-20 Church Built on the Rock

Jesus, our firm foundation

Jesus, our firm foundation

Jesus and His disciples crossed the Sea of Galilee again in our last visit with Him. Today He and His disciples have made it all the way to Caesarea Philippi. This was probably a couple of day’s journey, from looking at the map. It was at the northern end of the Jezreel Valley. I find myself, once again wondering what happened on that trip and in between the “then” and “now” in Matthew’s story. I realize that the bible would take up a storehouse if everything that Jesus did and said while on Earth was recorded. Also, as with most of our lives, there would probably be a lot of mundane minutia in such a detailed account. I suppose the writers simply skipped to the good parts in their stories. I know I do when describing my life. This account is another VERY monumental happenings in Jesus’ travels.

Jesus had a question in His heart that He wanted answered. As God, He could have simply known the answer by looking in each heart. But He wanted to hear the answer out loud. Is it possible that He wanted the OTHER disciples to hear the answer out loud? Was He using the Q&A session as a faith builder for the whole group? Read more »