Matthew 28:1-10 He Is RISEN!

He is not here, for He is risen, just as He said

He is not here, for He is risen, just as He said

We have come from the saddest day in history to the most joyous one. It is Sunday morning and an amazing thing has happened. Jesus is risen, just like He said!

Before we go any farther, I want to share something with you that I was given this week. Jesus didn’t need to walk out the door of His tomb. The stone wasn’t rolled away to let Jesus out but to let His disciples in. After His resurrection, Jesus was able to move from place to place, free of the confines of our physical world. In Luke 24, Jesus appears to His disciples in the house where they were hiding without coming through the door or any other opening. He all of a sudden was simply standing in their midst and addressing them. Jesus simply appeared in the room. Like Philip did after speaking with the eunuch on the side of the road. Instant from place to place. Read more »

Matthew 27:62-66 Make it Secure

Standing watch over Jesus' body

Make it as secure as you can

Today’s reading brings us to the day of Passover. Caiaphas now goes to Pilate ON the most holy day in Israel’s calendar to make SURE Jesus doesn’t fulfill His words.

This should have been a day for rejoicing for Caiaphas and all the other religious leaders who wanted Jesus dead; but it wasn’t. This should have been a strictly observed Sabbath rest day; but for Caiaphas and crew, it was not that either. It should have been a day of rejoicing and celebration; but for Jesus’ followers it wasn’t that either. It was the day of Passover, but it was one unlike any other since its inception in Egypt. Read more »

Matthew 27:57-61 One Last Gift for Jesus

The countdown has begun

The countdown has begun

Yesterday’s reading brought us to the cross again. There, Jesus was subjected to a torturous and brutal death. We observed countless people taunting Him and hurling insults at Him during His ordeal. We also saw the helplessness of the few of His followers who stood by while He suffered. More than that though, we got to hear how, even while in excruciating pain, He cared for others. Today’s reading will tell us of the only care others could give to Him. They will care for what is left of Jesus; His body.

When we left our story yesterday, Jesus had just moments before, breathed His last. Pilate had sent word for the soldiers to break the prisoner’s legs to hasten their death. As Jesus was already dead, He was spared this added injury, but the centurion over His detachment pierced His side with his spear. Blood and water flowed from the wound, proving Jesus was truly dead. Read more »

Matthew 27:45-56 Death Comes Finally

God's greatest gift. Opening in three days

God’s greatest gift. Opening in three days

We return in our reading today to the cross where Jesus has been unjustly condemned to die. I have been trying to stay with Matthew’s account as we are reading through Matthew, but there are elements that I truly believe need to be told in this story that Matthew didn’t mention. It is not that Matthew disagrees with other writers through his omissions, but that he had a different focus and audience in mind when he was penning his narrative. The Holy Spirit was directing Matthew’s words and crafting them to reach a specific segment of the people. The Holy Spirit did the same with Mark, Luke and John. Giving them the words to reach their intended audiences. Since we have the complete works of all four, I want to include events, especially Jesus’ words while on the cross, from the other authors. I hope this meets with your approval. If not, I’m sorry and you don’t have to read on. But I’m the author today and I feel led to include Jesus’ words. Read more »

Matthew 27:32-44 On The Cross

He uttered not a word

He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth Isaiah 53:7

We are joining Jesus as He physically walks the road to Golgotha. There He will willingly lays His life down. He will submit to all the brutality that is involved in crucifixion, without the slightest hint of resistance. He will be displayed for all to see and continue to be subject to humiliation and mocking from the very people He came to save.

The Roman soldiers are finished with their mocking of Jesus. I’m not certain if they had to stop because it was time for the three condemned men to make their journey or if the time for the journey was determined by when they decided they had had enough sport. I believe they stopped mocking Him because Jesus wasn’t giving them the reaction they were seeking. I don’t know whether there was any down time between the end of the mocking and the starting of the final journey. Read more »