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Wanted to apologize because I’m skipping out on writing tonight, again. We just came back from a fun time with grandkids and I’m EXHAUSTED! Got home at 9:30 PM, so heading to bed instead of writing. Will see you all tomorrow.

Mark 9:30-32 Private Time with Jesus

Jesus and His disciples walking

On the road with Jesus

Jesus and His disciples are taking a trip through Galilee today, but they are doing it along. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN! While on their private trip Jesus has some things He wants to talk about.

Jesus has become so popular that there are throngs of people wherever they go. Jesus can’t even enter into the cities very easily because of the amount of people coming to Him. He has earned this popularity through His miracles. He freely gives to all who seek Him. He doesn’t charge for His services. He teaches with authority. He welcomes even the lowliest of sinners. Read more »

Mark 9:14-29 Come Out of Him

But if You can do anything

But if You can do anything

Jesus and His three disciples who accompanied Him on the mountaintop are rejoining the other disciples. A large crowd had gathered in Jesus’ absence and His disciples have been ministering to those in need. Jesus’ disciples have run into a problem during Jesus’ absence.

The disciples have come up against a demon/disease they can’t cast out/cure. The suffering person is a “boy” who was brought to Jesus’ disciples by his father. The boy was mute and deaf from “his childhood” and also suffered seizures/fits. The disciples have done all they know how to do to deal with this boy’s illness. Once Jesus arrives on the scene though, the boy’s troubles are nearly at an end. Read more »

Mark 9:11-13 It is Written

Thank God for HIs written word!

Thank God for HIs written word!

Jesus, James, Peter and John are on their way back down the mountain. Our three disciples have just experienced a mind blowing event. They have watched Jesus transformed right before their eyes and have seen Him talking with Moses and Elijah. More than that, they have heard God Himself speak to them. I wonder which one of the disciples is asking the questions now. Is Peter silent after his “foot in mouth” experience?

Jesus has also strictly told them to keep this experience to themselves until after He rises from the dead. They are not sure what this means but they will willingly obey Him. Now they have a question they want to ask. “Why do the scribes say that first Elijah must come” (verse 11)? Read more »

Mark 9:1-10 The Son in His Glory

What does He have in store today

What does He have in store today

In our first verse today Jesus gives us a more enjoyable “coming attractions” speech. Earlier in this section Jesus shared some details of His upcoming death, which caused quite a stir. We are going to look at the “coming attraction” today too. My bible actually put the first verse with the previous section but I held it back for time’s sake.

Jesus has been addressing a small crowd containing His disciples and those who wanted to be true followers of Christ. In His concluding remarks He tells them that some of them standing there with Him at that moment were not going to die before witnessing an amazing event. That event was the coming of the Kingdom of God in power. Read more »