Mark 14:10-11 A Bargain is Struck

Judas stepped across the line

Judas stepped across the line

Today we peek in on Judas as he goes to town. He has something up his sleeve that he will very soon regret.

We looked at this story in Matthew and addressed some possible underlying motives for Judas. You can find that blog under the title of Judas’ Decision.

Judas probably came into Jerusalem with the disciples on this day. We don’t know exactly what day in Jesus’ last week it was but it was probably not long after Mary’s gift of anointing oil. Judas was very angry about the “waste of money” Mary engaged in. His anger took root and became brooding. He was angry enough to act spitefully.

I don’t know how Judas got away from the group of disciples, unless he used the excuse of going to the market to purchase something for the group. I wonder how long he was gone. I’m also curious to know if he came to the religious leaders before or after they had decided to kill Jesus. When he approached them, did they share their plans with him? Did he even ask what they would do with Jesus once he turned Him over to them? Did he even care at that point?

I think it is very interesting to watch how God’s plans take shape, even when those playing right into them don’t realize it. A prime example of this is when the religious leaders say that they want to wait until after the holiday to arrest and kill Jesus. That is not the way that God’s plan had it set. Enter Judas. One of Jesus’ disciples who will deliver Him to them, when “he” finds an opportunity. The religious leaders jumped at the chance of having an inside man and decided that they would move whenever Judas found an opening. Jesus Himself would tell Judas when that opening was.

One of my friends sent me something that fits this scenario perfectly. He heard it on the radio. When it looks like everything is falling apart, it’s actually falling into place. That is what happened that week. No matter how ugly and out of control (in man’s eyes) things got, God was still in charge. I think this may have been one of the most micro managed times in history. God had ONE plan and it was the ONLY way for it to work out. He made absolute certain that things went strictly by His plan. He is God, He can do that.

Father God, I have always felt sorry for Judas. I have come to realize though that You didn’t make Judas choose his path, even though You put down the details in prophecy hundreds of years earlier. You simply knew what was coming. Partly because You planned it that way and partly because time means nothing to You.

When Jesus pronounced His woe against “His betrayer” and said that it would have been better if that man had never been born, was He speaking a judgment against Judas that could never be undone or was He speaking about the fact that Judas would choose to end his own life, rather than coming to Jesus for forgiveness? Did these words from Jesus convince Judas there was no hope for him after his acts against Jesus? Again Lord, I find myself feeling sorry for Judas. He did earn his punishment; I just wish he had a chance to repent. Maybe that is my soft heart.

By the time Judas got to the point of betraying Jesus, had he used up all his chances? How many of my chances have I used up? Please Lord, help me always come back to You when I mess up. Don’t let me ever become beyond redemption, in my own mind and in Your eyes. Thank You for placing Your Holy Spirit in me so He can warn me anytime I get too close to that line. I pray I’m always listening.

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