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1 Corinthians 15:35-49 A Flower for His Garden

I will be a Son flower

Paul continues with his summation of the two crucial points of the gospel; Christ died for our sins, and He rose from the dead. In our reading today he focuses on the “now what” of the resurrection.

There were those in his audience that doubted that we would be raised from the dead. Paul dealt with that in our last time together. He provided a list of witnesses and a well-reasoned argument. They say, ‘Ok. What body do we get then in the resurrection?’ ‘What will it look like?’ Read more »

1 Corinthians 15:12-34 A Sadducees Infection?

He is waiting for me there.

Paul started his summation in our last reading. He addressed two foundational truths that the gospel rests on; Christ died for our sins, and He was raised again. Today’s reading focuses on this second crucial truth.

Jesus debated with the religious leaders many times over about the resurrection of the dead. He always stated it as a fact, not a theory. The Sadducees were dead set against this portion of His teaching. Maybe some of their “leaven” infected this group in Corinth. Where were the Sadducees putting their hope?

Without resurrection from the dead everything else is in vain. As a Christian we live our lives under constant watch, knowing that our choices in this life impact our future in the next. But if there is no next life they what are we saving ourselves for? That is Paul’s question to those who were claiming that there is no resurrection. Read more »

1 Corinthians 15:1-11 Not in Vain

Our sin isn’t left wandering. It is washed away!

Paul is summing up the gospel in this chapter. The portion we are focusing on today puts forth the foundational basics. When the believer holds onto these cornerstones he has surety.

The two most basic and required parts of the Christian foundation are: 1) Christ died for our sins; and 2) He was raised again on the third day. Without these two pieces everything else falls apart. There is a lot more that is built on these two facts but these two alone are required for believer. Read more »

1 Corinthians 14:1-25 To Build Up

A gift form the Holy Spirit

Paul continues to call for love from the Corinthian church. He also encourages them to seek one specific spiritual gift because that gift builds up the body. It leaves no one out and all benefit by its use. I think it may be his favorite spiritual gift.

The spiritual gift Paul values most is the gift of prophecy. Or maybe he simply values it most in the church service. It is also possible that he is highlighting this gift because the gift of tongues was being overused in the church without the gift of prophecy accompanying it and he is trying to restore order. Read more »

1 Corinthians 13:1-13 A More Excellent Way

If you were to take a picture of Jesus, this would be it

Paul has been dealing with the Corinthian church’s divisions and attitudes of superiority. They were divided over spiritual gifts and offices. Paul reminds them that those things ALL come from the same Spirit. He commands them to use what they have been given to the betterment of the whole body but also tells them to “earnestly desire the higher gifts.” Paul’s final words in our last reading though set to scene for today; “And I will show you a still more excellent way” (chapter 12, verse 31b).

Far more lasting than spiritual gifts; more beneficial than offices of service, enduring longer than even faith and hope, is love. That is the more excellent way Paul wants to show this group, and us.

Practicing true love with one another would have cured ALL this church’s issues. Because of love for their brother, they would have willingly set aside their “freedoms.” Due to love for their sister, they would never have put her down for not having the “best” spiritual gift or right work of service. Out of love for each other, they would have worked together for the benefit of everyone in the body. No backbiting. No elevating oneself by putting others down. And out of true love for their brother, they would have dealt with the egregious sin that had come into the body. Read more »