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Acts 18:18-23 Paul Visits Home

Sometimes we all need a break

We join Paul as he leaves Corinth. He has had a fruitful stay there but now he is ready for a change.

Paul stayed on in Corinth a little while longer after the Jews tried to turn him over to the Roman government. God had given Paul safety while in Corinth so he could minister to the vast number of people He had called Paul to reach. There was a thriving church there by the time Paul decided to leave.

I’m wondering what it was that moved Paul to leave Corinth. Did he receive word from home? Was he feeling homesick after all the time he was away? Was there some kind of business he needed to attend to in Antioch? We know that he cut his hair in response to finishing a vow. Was the vow being complete part of why he left? Could it possibly be that he was tired and simply wanted to go home for a bit to rest? Read more »

Acts 18:1-17 Safe For A While

Paul finds a special friendship

Paul apparently got tired of waiting for Silas and Timothy to join him in Athens. He moves on alone to Corinth. This is where we pick up his story today.

I’m curious why Paul left Athens. Did he receive word that Silas and Timothy were going to be a while? We aren’t told that he was ill-treated in Athens. Did he find the spiritual climate too dark to do much good? We are told that “some men joined him and believed” (verse 34). This doesn’t sound like the harvest they had been experiencing in some of the other towns. I’m sure he didn’t leave them without a shepherd though. The new believers could have been quickly swallowed up by the culture otherwise. The seed with shallow roots. Read more »

Acts 17:16-21 While Paul Waits

Paul is ready to share Jesus wherever he is at!

We join Paul in Athens. He was taken there after his life was in danger again in Berea. Silas and Timothy remained behind to continue building the new body of believers.

The first thing that I see when reading this passage is that city was ripe for spiritual warfare. This city was full of idols and idol worshipers BUT there was still a presence of God fearing Jews and devout Gentiles. These men and women lived and worked in the center of all the pagan god worshipers.

Paul was ever ready to engage in confronting others with the gospel. We are told that “he reasoned in the synagogue with the hews and the devout persons, and in the marketplace every day with those who happened to be there” (verse 17). Paul was not shy about sharing anywhere he was. He was still as bold that day as he was when he first met Jesus. Read more »

Acts 17:10-15 Divided We Stand

This group of believers was hungry for the word!

When we left the last time Jason and his companions had been forcibly arrested and later released in an effort to get Paul and Silas. Today we will see what became of them that night. We know they weren’t where they were expected to be; at Jason’s house.

The Holy Spirit and/or the community grapevine were able, once again, to warn Paul of what was coming. The new believers in Thessalonica got Paul and Silas out in time to avoid the mob. They sent them to Berea. This was just a short trip around a cove on the Aegean Sea. Not far enough away to keep the group of miscreants from finding out where they were. Read more »

Acts 17:1-9 Another Stop, Another Plot

God hand can still be seen even when angry men get in the way

This is getting to be the theme of Paul’s life! Everywhere he goes things go well for a little while then the Jews get jealous and run him off. Today Paul and Silas visit Thessalonica. This is the beginnings of the church that Paul will write the letters titled I and II Thessalonians. We can say we met them when…

Thessalonica was big enough to have a substantial Jewish community. And as usually accompanies a large Jewish population, there was a synagogue where Paul and Silas started their visit.

Did you notice that it took them three weeks to convince the people of the truth? They were allowed to speak in the synagogue each week. That to me is interesting. Were the Jews who didn’t believe letting Paul have the floor out of courtesy to a traveling disciple? Were they willing to entertain his ideas until they saw how popular they became with the people? Why did they keep quiet for three weeks? Read more »