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Acts 9:26-31 Saul’s Second Escape

A NEW man

Yesterday we read how the Jews in Damascus were out to kill Saul because of his 180 regarding Jesus. He escaped with the aid of his disciples through a hole in the wall and a basket. Well, after he makes it out, he heads back to Jerusalem.

Personally, I would think going to Jerusalem would be a BAD idea. If the Jews at Damascus were angry over his conversion just think how angry those who sent him would be. But my thinking wasn’t Saul’s thinking, or God’s. Saul had some people to meet.

With the persecution of the church the people had disbursed throughout the region but the apostles had remained in Jerusalem. So this is where Saul heads back to. I’m wondering if he is planning to make a personal apology to the apostles for his earlier behavior. Read more »

Acts 9:23-25 Saul’s First Escape

Dedicated disciples

Saul has become an adamant supporter of Jesus Christ since his conversion. In our reading today we see how his previous supporters feel about that.

When Saul originally set out for Damascus the traditional Jews in that area were overjoyed. Those believing in Jesus had spread to their city. They were sharing the gospel and people were becoming believers in Jesus at every turn. The religious leaders wanted help stopping this ‘infection.’ Saul was their champion. He was going to stem the tide and turn the people back to the old ways. Read more »

Acts 9:19-22 Complete 180

Follow Saul’s example

Today we look on as Saul begins his life as a new believer. He wastes no time in setting the record straight.

Because of his background Saul was in an excellent position to see the scriptures in the light of the truth. The Holy Spirit opened Saul’s eyes to all that was contained in the Torah and the teachings Jesus had done. I’m certain Saul had heard reports of Jesus’ words. I wonder if he was ever present in any of the Jesus’ sermons.

Saul didn’t pretend to know everything though. Instead he stayed with the disciples in Damascus and learned from them. But he also offered his personal testimony at the very next opportunity. And a powerful testimony it was. The man who had persecuted the new believers at every turn was now their strongest supporter. Read more »

Acts 9:1-19 Was Blind but Now I See

God didn’t leave Saul spiritually or physically blind

We meet Saul again in our story today. No longer is he the young disciple bystander. Today he is a vicious threat to the new believers. He has murder in his heart towards any who call on Jesus’ name.

Saul fully believed in what he was doing. He thought the best way to honor God was to remove anyone who professed faith in Jesus from the planet. He didn’t simply want them in jail, but dead. He had been fully indoctrinated by the religious leaders and bought into their beliefs wholeheartedly.

I’m pretty sure Saul was a favorite of the high priest too. A man on fire to do his will in ridding the world of those professing faith in Jesus. He was MORE than happy to give Saul the authority to strike against those of “the Way.” Read more »

Acts 8:26-40 Open Doors

Willing to walk through what He opens

I have always loved the story we are looking at today because of the mode of travel Philip got to enjoy at the end. One of my recurrent dreams is flying and this story speaks to that dream. I re-read it today and saw something even more exciting than that! It was obedience and open doors.

Philip has been sharing the gospel in Samaria for some time. Those that he ministered to have now received the Holy Spirit through the apostle’s prayers. I believe they were on a firm foundation to continue growing in the faith. I don’t know who God sent as a replacement shepherd for Philip but he was needed elsewhere, so off he went.

What was it about Philip that made him so quick to follow the Spirit’s urgings? We think of the apostle Paul as the apostle to the Gentiles but Philip was the one to break that ground first with the Samaritans and now with an Ethiopian. He went wherever he was led without a fuss. VERY fortunate for this Ethiopian eunuch that he did so too. Read more »