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Acts 20:1-6 On The Road Again

We walk together everywhere you go

We are at another traveling passage. After the commotion in the theatre it’s time for Paul to move on.

During the uproar, two of the disciples had been captured by the crowd. Luke tells us that “Paul sent for the disciples” after everything died down. Were the two who were captured the ones he sent for or was his call to all the disciples in Ephesus? He was already with several of them as they were the ones who prevented him from going to the captured friend’s rescue. Read more »

Acts 19:21-41 NOT Quiet on the Eastern Front

God’s protection even from mass hysteria

Since the seven sons of Sceva incident things have been going well in Ephesus. That changes in our story today. One of the craftsmen in town is going to really stir the pot.

Paul was preparing to leave Ephesus at the beginning of our reading. He has made up his mind that he wants to make a trip to Jerusalem and then to Rome. Luke tells us that “Paul resolved in the Spirit” (verse 21) to make this journey. I wonder if that means that the Holy Spirit was telling him that he would wind up there eventually or that he was supposed to go there on his own. We know he goes but how he gets there is a bit different than what he had planned out. Read more »

Acts 19:11-20 Power In That Name

Only when connected does the power flow

We rejoin Paul while in Ephesus for the two years. God is doing amazing things through Paul’s hands.

Paul is heavy with the Holy Spirit. He eats, sleeps and breaths God’s plans for the people. Everyone wants to be near him to receive healing or deliverance through his hands. This “popularity” reminds me of how the people flocked to Jesus. Jesus was the source of Paul’s success so it should direct our attention to Jesus.

Luke tells us that even ordinary everyday articles that touched Paul’s skin were carried away and used to heal the sick. I wonder what prompted the people to try this form of Read more »

Acts 19:1-10 Taking the Next Step

God met the new believer’s needs through Paul

Before we get into our reading today I want to apologize AGAIN for being lax in posting. I have been enjoying my family overnight visitors and being lazy. That is my honest answer. I also took a couple nights off to simply re read the Christmas stories in the gospels. Please forgive me AGAIN. I will try and be more faithful in the future. I can also promise that there will be times when I’m not. For those times, I beg your indulgence and forgiveness in advance. I am human and VERY fallible too.

Down to business now. We join Paul again in our reading today. He has come back to Ephesus after his visit home. He arrived after our new acquaintance Apollos had left for Corinth. Read more »

Acts 18:24-28 Man On Fire

This is the GOOD kind of “heartburn”

We get to meet another new believer today. His name is Apollos and he is on fire for the Lord. We don’t get a lot of background information on him. We know he was Jewish, came from Alexandria, “was an eloquent man, competent in the scriptures” and “had been instructed in the way of the Lord” (verse 24).

This introduction leaves me with a couple of questions. First question is who was his instructor? I don’t believe any of the brothers had gone to Alexandria at this point. My bible helps tell me that Alexandria was a famous place of learning. Was Apollos instructed by the Holy Spirit or by someone else? Was his instruction a formal education or self-taught? As Jesus’ life and deeds were well known it is not hard to imagine someone from Alexandria hearing about Him. Did Apollos search the scriptures and discover the truth without anyone but the Spirit to guide him, did he go to where the missionaries were ministering, or did someone who had already heard come to Alexandrea? Read more »