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Romans 8:1-11 It’s That Same Spirit

In my Father’s eyes and my earthly father’s too

Paul brings us to God’s answer to the Law. We needed more to restore our relationship with Him, and He has provided it for us.

When I read the beginning of this chapter my mind naturally reads it in song. I have sung these verses MANY times during my life and their melody lingers with me, hopefully forever. I pray that understanding of those words rings longer than the melodies alone.

I, the condemned, have received freedom instead. And that freedom came through a different “law”; the Law of the Spirit. That “law” is the promise of God to give me new life. God’s word IS Law and He said I am reconciled to Him through Jesus blood. His Spirit gives me life and lives in me. That is the ONLY path to freedom and relationship with God. Read more »

Romans 7:7-25 Naming It

Stick with the “positive”

Paul continues on with his presentation of his case for faith in Jesus. By no means is the Law enough for our salvation. Only faith in Jesus and His grace poured out for us. His point in our reading today is how sin wasn’t really called such until the Law was given.

I’m going to share a story with you that happened to me and my child once to illustrate Paul’s point. When my oldest son was about six months old we were sharing our apartment with another couple who had a child who was a little over a year old. Not a big age difference but a big developmental difference. One fine afternoon, the other child pinned my son to the floor and bit him HARD on his back. As you can imagine, my son screamed and both moms rushed to their children. Read more »

Romans 7:1-6 Fulfilling The Covenant

One of God’s first covenants

Before we proceed with our discussion today I want to define a term we all should know. That term is covenant. A covenant is a contract made with the heart instead of just the head. A covenant also remains in effect even when one of the parties who entered into it fails to follow through on their promises. Both parties usually exchange something of value when making a covenant. And a covenant often lasts for the lifetime of those who enter into such an agreement. Which brings us to Paul’s message regarding the Law v grace. In today’s reading he makes a masterful point. Read more »

Romans 6:15-23 Who’s Your Master

I want a new Master!

We are continuing on with Paul as he presents his case to the new church in Rome. He is focusing on the heart of the new believer.

I feel like I’m walking into DEEP water here. The concept is so simple yet very complex. I am inadequate to bring the full meat contained in here to the table. I welcome any and all who have deeper understanding here to please share it with us. Read more »

Romans 6:1-14 Slaves No More

Freedom through Jesus!

Paul shares a very exciting promise with us today. We are no longer slaves to sin! And this promise is to all who choose to accept Jesus’ free gift of grace by faith.

Paul’s audience has just been learning how they (and we) are no longer have to rely on the Law for their relationship with God. The Law was never and will never be able to save anyone. It is only through faith in Jesus that we are saved.

So what else comes with that salvation? We already looked at a couple side benefits a few days ago. When we looked at Romans 5:1-11 we saw how we have forgiveness from sin, grace, justification, and finally, reconciliation through faith. Today we see that we have freedom from sin as well. ALL of these culminate in a new life in Christ Jesus. Read more »