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John 1:19-29 Who Are You?

I am me, who are you?

We get to hear who John the Baptist says he is. In yesterday’s reading we heard one of John the Baptist’s comments about Jesus; “He who comes after me ranks before me, because He was before me” (verse 15). This identified Jesus as present in the beginning but now appearing in the flesh. Jesus is ready to take the scene and John is wetting the people’s appetite.

Today John the Baptist is approached by a group who was sent by the religious leaders. Their mission was to find out who John the Baptist really was. They had some ideas but they wanted him to confirm or deny them. Read more »

John 1:9-14 Jesus’ Intro Continued

Enough to go around

John continues to introduce us to Jesus, the Light of the world. He is also simultaneously introducing us to John the Baptist’s witness of Jesus’ purpose. I’m going to continue in my previous pattern of breaking the two pieces apart. I also want to back up one verse and re-examine verse 9 with today’s story in mind.

“Get ready because something spectacular is about to happen! THE Creator of the universe, the One whose heart longs for a relationship with each one of you, is about to step out from behind that curtain.” The curtain opens and we see an ordinary looking Man standing there. He isn’t dressed as a king. He has nothing outwardly special to distinguish Him from any other man on earth. Read more »

Luke 24:36-43 Surprise Visit

What’s for dinner?

We left off yesterday where Cleopas and his companion were telling the other disciples about their walk with Jesus. They were also hearing about Jesus’ visit with Peter. I can hear the women on the side saying, “We told you so!” Right in the middle of this discussion Jesus Himself appears! Let’s pop in beside Him and observe the reaction.

Cleopas and Micah (the name I chose for the second disciple on the road to Emmaus) are surrounded by the rest of Jesus followers. When they had first arrived they joined the group surrounding Peter. He was telling the group of his encounter with Jesus. Peter knew it was Jesus he had met but he was still wondering if it was a dream or a vision. Whatever it was, Jesus had told Peter that He forgave him. Peter still hasn’t forgiven himself so he wonders if maybe his mind was playing a trick on him instead. After all he promised Jesus, how could He so easily forgive him? Read more »

Luke 15:11-32 Homecoming; Faithful Son

But what about me?

But what about me?

Today we are going to walk in the shoes of our last character in our story of the prodigal son. Jesus shared this message and we have been taking our time looking at it. We looked at the crowd and why Jesus used this parable, the youngest (prodigal) son, the father, and now the oldest (faithful) son. Just as a reminder I named the prodigal son Levi, the father James and the faithful son Philip. I also want to remind you that there will be VERY familiar scenes throughout the stories as some scenes involve more than one character. Feel free to skip ahead if you feel like it. Let’s see where Philip takes us.

Philip and Cassandra have been married for five years. After trying for many years, they are finally expecting their first baby. Cassandra was afraid she would never be blessed with a child, but now she is grateful that God waited. They had time to build their own home and deepen their relationship. She knows they are ready for this new adventure as husband and wife. Read more »

Luke 15:11-32 Homecoming; The Father

Running to meet me

Running to meet me

We are on day three of our look into the prodigal son parable Jesus shared. We looked at the crowd and Jesus’ reason for this parable on day one. Yesterday we looked at the prodigal son himself. Today we are going to walk a mile in the father’s shoes. Just a reminder, I named the youngest (prodigal) son Levi, his father James, and the oldest (faithful) son Philip. Some of what is included in this story and tomorrow’s story are going to look very familiar, as two or more of our individuals are involved in certain scenes. Feel free to skip ahead if you want on parts you already know.

James is a very successful farmer. He owns 100 acres that he plants in different sections and crops, including a rotating portion he leaves fallow, each year. He has farmed this land his entire life and has built an excellent reputation and a considerable fortune for his efforts. He has two sons, Philip and Levi, that he plans to pass his property onto after his death. For now, he is training them for what they will eventually take on. This includes every job, from the plowing of the fields to the sale of the produce. Philip, as the eldest has progressed further than his brother Levi. Read more »