Galatians 5:1-15 The Offense of the Cross

His works make me righteous, not mine

Paul continues to contend for the work of faith. Works CANNOT save us! Those who teach this are number one on Paul’s damnation list.

During our last reading I pointed out the jealousy that lay beneath this struggle between the Children of the Promise and the Children of the Law. The second was never able to have what the first was freely given. But there is another insidious attitude lurking beneath the surface. That monster is pride. Read more »

Galatians 4:21-31 Children of Promise

God created a separation for a reason.

Paul continues to draw a distinct line between those who would seek God through the law and those who approach Him through the promise. The law leads to slavery not salvation. The promise leads to freedom through salvation.

Just as Ishmael was jealous of Isaac, the false teachers were jealous of those living in the freedom Jesus provided. The one saw that they couldn’t have what the other was given freely. And this created conflict. Read more »

Galatians 4:8-20 What Happened to You?

Returning to old ways after finding new life is even more so.

Paul continues to plead his case regarding circumcision. He asks his readers if everything that came before was in vain. “You started off so well. What happened to you?”

When Paul initially met the group he is writing to, he was personally ill. While he recuperated he shared the gospel with those around him. And those he shared with received it with joy. They also “bore fruit” of their love for God’s word by how they cared for Paul during his stay with them. They showed the love of Jesus. Read more »

Galatians 4:1-7 Training for Reigning

Keeping us between the lines until the time for freedom

Paul uses several analogies to explain his point about the law. They all culminate with the understanding that the law was to help guide us until God was ready to deliver us.

Because of our time in history slavery is much less an issue than in Paul’s days, so his first analogy is a little rough for me. I recognize his intent though. A child has no more understanding of how to properly use his inheritance than the person who never expects or is entitled to one in the first place. There is no need for a child to be burdened by the requirements of managing a business. They could never understand it simply for lack of maturity and experience. Read more »

Galatians 3:15-29 The One of the Promise

Paul shares with his reader exactly Who was the promised offspring of Abraham. The covenant between God and Abraham wasn’t about Isaac. There was an even greater One intended.

To begin with, Abraham was NOT a Jew. He was a pagan just like the rest of the world but somehow he had been close to God. I don’t know if his father taught him about God but he recognized His voice and was willing to go where He directed.

God had kept a faithful and close association with man since the beginning of time. It was interrupted in the garden and almost wiped out in the flood but God kept that spark alive. David tells us that creation speaks of God’s presence and all one has to do is open their eyes. I agree!

God’s promise to Abraham about his one specific Offspring wasn’t the first time this Read more »